Lutheran Orient Mission Society
100th Anniversary Celebration
September 27, 2010

LOMSThe Lutheran Orient Mission Society (now operating as Lutheran Mideast Development) has a long and esteemed history. In the last 100 years, LOMS has been responsible for tearing down walls and building bridges between Muslims and Christians in Kurdistan by helping Kurdish women make a living with their talents, giving Kurdish children an education and putting the spoken Kurdish word to paper.

LOMS missionaries, including legendary founders M. O. Wee and L. O. Fossum, have given their lives to the Kurdish people. In return, the Kurds still memorialize them today on film, in print and even on street signs. In Kurdistan, these Lutheran missionaries are legend. One common thread running through the history of LOMS, stretching over the years and around the globe, is Luther Seminary.

In 1910, the first global missions conference was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was there that Wee and Fossum were commissioned to start work with the Kurds. On Sept. 27, the group will gather on the Luther Seminary campus to celebrate the first 100 years of its history.

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