M.A. Concentration in Congregational Mission and Leadership

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Denominational and congregational leaders across the U.S. are asking for seminary graduates who can help lead church renewal in the 21 st century world. A concentration in Congregational Mission and Leadership (CML) helps prepare students for leadership in any setting. The CML curriculum introduces students to:

  • The dynamics of organizational change
  • Addressing conflict
  • Equipping leadership
  • Principles for congregational renewal and revitalization
  • The theology and practice of evangelism
  • Strategies for new church planting
  • The biblical and theological foundations for mission.

Congregational Mission and Leadership is one of the strategic directions Luther Seminary is emphasizing in its effort to educate leaders for mission in God's world. Four key themes have emerged regarding educating leaders at Luther Seminary:

  • Context matters
  • Mission is central
  • Christian communities are the focus
  • Leadership is essential

A M.A. concentration in CML includes a minimum of six CML courses as a part of the degree.

Sample Concentration Courses

(Note: The courses below may not all be required.  In some cases, students select one or more courses from a longer list as a means of fulfilling a requirement.) See the online catalog for more details..

CL4535  Biblical and Theological Foundations for the Missional Church (Full course)
A course that helps students develop a biblical and theological framework for engaging in mission development, the starting of a new congregation, or congregational vitalization, helping ...

CL4515  Church Organization (Half course)
A course focusing on the design and management of congregational organization in shaping and delivering ministry. Issues of organizational development, program design, strategic planning, guiding ...

CL4510  The Ministry of Evangelism in Congregations (Half course)
A course dealing with the theory and practice of evangelism within congregations in light of the mission of God. Students are provided with opportunities to study both corporate and individual ...

CL4520  Church Leadership (Half course)
A course focusing on the pastor as the leader who nurtures and fosters a shared vision in guiding a congregation into ministry within its context. Issues of leadership, management and administration ...

For a complete list of courses and more thorough curriculum and concentration detail, see the online catalog.