M.A. Concentration in History of Christianity

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This specialization focuses on the study of the history of Christianity and is intended as a course of study for those with a particular interest in history, for those interested in pursuing further graduate studies in this field, and for those who wish to use this concentration as a grounding for specific congregational or community service.

Sample Concentration Courses

(Note: The courses below may not all be required.  In some cases, students select one or more courses from a longer list as a means of fulfilling a requirement.) See the online catalog for more details..

HC4315  Martin Luther and the Reformation (Half course)
The Reformation in continental Europe in its political, social, and cultural context.

HC3310  The Modern Church in Europe and America (1789–Present AD) (Full course)
A survey of major events, movements, and figures that have influenced the history of the church and its mission since the French Revolution in Europe and America since the eighteenth century with ...

HC1315  Early/Medieval Church History (Full course)
An examination of the major developments in Christian theology, structure, institutions, mission, and worship from the post-apostolic age (100 AD) through the late medieval period (1400 AD). ...

HC6335  The Demonic in Christian Thought (Half course)
A study of the devil and the demonic as theological concepts in the history of Christian thought that draws on biblical and historical sources. Special attention is given to the function of the ...

For a complete list of courses and more thorough curriculum and concentration detail, see the online catalog.