M.A. Concentration in Old Testament

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This specialization focuses on the study of Old Testament and is intended as a course of study for those with a particular interest in Old Testament, for those interested in pursuing further graduate studies in this field, and for those who wish to use this concentration as a grounding for specific congregational or community service.

Sample Concentration Courses:

(Note: The courses below may not all be required.  In some cases, students select one or more courses from a longer list as a means of fulfilling a requirement.) See the online catalog for more details..

LG1100  Hebrew (One and a half course)
An introduction to Hebrew grammar and syntax. Reading and analysis of selected Old Testament texts explores the nature of translation and its relation to interpretation. Help is given in effective ...

OT1110  Pentateuch (Full course)
An examination of the story of the people of God in the first five books of the Old Testament. Consideration is given to specific texts and themes and the interpretation of these materials for ...

OT2112  Prophets: Jeremiah (Full course)                                                                                                               An overview of prophecy and the prophetic books of the Old Testament, with a concentration on Jeremiah. Selected passages are examined with regard to their place in the larger book, their ...

OT2119  Prophets: Isaiah and Micah (Full course)
An examination of prophecy in the historical and prophetic books of the Old Testament with a concentration on at least one prophet. Each course explores the role of prophetic texts in Christian ...


For a complete list of courses and more thorough curriculum and concentration detail, see the online catalog.