This program is academically oriented and provides Lutheran theological training for those who are already involved, or plan to be involved, in ministry in a Lutheran setting.  

The outcomes for this degree are as follows:

Students will demonstrate:

  • familiarity with major aspects of the Lutheran tradition, including its theology and history.
  • an ability to reflect critically and constructively on the relationship of Lutheran theology to community life, worship, and public witness. 
  • an ability to understand the relationship of Lutheran theology and practices to those of other Christian traditions.  
  • an understanding of the interrelationship between biblical interpretation and Lutheran theological perspectives.
  • how Scripture, Lutheran tradition, and the wider ecumenical perspectives of the church inform the kinds of service expressed in their own vocations.   




Students who have completed an M.Div. that need to attend an ELCA Seminary for their candidacy requirements can complete the MA (Studies in Lutheran Ministries) degree.  Students will transfer 8.0 credits from their M.Div. degree towards the M.A. (SLM) degree.  The remaining courses for the degree will meet the candidacy requirements, as well as the degree requirements:



For a complete list of courses and more thorough curriculum and concentration detail, see the online catalog.