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Alumni Stories

Jennifer Hackbarth

Christ the King Lutheran Church
White Bear Lake, MN

My husband, Tim, and I were both seminarians. The pace of our lives was very demanding but worth it and we enjoyed looking forward to how  God would use us.

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Kristine Stache

Doctor of Philosophy Student

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Kristin Rongstad

Master of Sacred Music Alum

In my interactions with fellow students, I appreciated how the community recognizes each other's gifts, whether it is music, youth ministry, social work or something else.

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Christian Holleck

St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Harwich, MA

Studying another belief system has enabled me to come to a deeper understanding of Christianity's unique claims.  Faithful Christians are called to love their neighbors, and understanding our neighbor is the first step to love.

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Olga Auchenbach

Master of Social Work & Master of Arts, International Alum

From their genesis in Jerusalem, churches have always struggled with how to integrate social and theological concerns. For Olga Auchenbach (MA/MSW 2002), this integration was achieved through a unique program administered jointly by Luther Seminary and Augsburg College.

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Mary Bosell

Associate Pastor
Burlington Lutheran Church
Burlington, Wash.

Mary Bosell has been on quite a ride since she graduated from Luther Seminary. While she now serves as associate pastor at Burlington Lutheran Church in Burlington, Wash., parish ministry wasn't always the first option in Bosell's mind.

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Scott McAnally

Lutheran Church of Hope
Broomfield, CO

I think being a pastor is the best job in the world.

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Becky Swanson

Becky Swanson, '05, served as a church musician for 20 years before enrolling in the master of sacred music program at Luther Seminary. What prompted her, after all that time, to pursue the degree? Some people get a nudge by the Holy Spirit, she said. She, on the other hand, needed an anvil, she explained, laughing.

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Judy Reitz

Master of Divinity Alum

Being a commuter student was challenging at times, but there is a gift in being a commuter student because you recognize how unique the Luther community is ... We talk, think, pray and worship together every day. I saw that as such a positive gift so it was a good experience.

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Mark Brown

Regional Representative for Jerusalem and the Middle East, Lutheran World Federation
Jerusalem, Israel

The Lord makes strange days for Palestinians and Israelis, locked in a struggle for the same Holy Land.

"It's easier to be a faithful Christian here," he says quietly. "You're prompted every day to wake up and reaffirm that today is the day that the Lord has made."

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