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Alumni Stories

Todd Hawkins

Master of Divinity, '03

Seminary life presents opportunities to marriage. My wife was very supportive of me becoming a pastor. Her encouragement meant a great deal to me. Though it wasn't always easy, seminary brought us closer and enriched our love for each other.

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Kristin Rongstad

Master of Sacred Music Alum

In my interactions with fellow students, I appreciated how the community recognizes each other's gifts, whether it is music, youth ministry, social work or something else.

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Jon Campbell

The MSM program really gave me a sense of vocation.  I grow as a person of faith as I do what I love.

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Hal Dragseth

President, Seraphim Communications
St. Paul, MN.

There is a great deal of noise in the culture that pumps out louder sounds and more active and eye-catching images. There is, however, a deep desire to hear and see stories that connect our heart to the heart of God.

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Judy Reitz

Master of Divinity Alum

Being a commuter student was challenging at times, but there is a gift in being a commuter student because you recognize how unique the Luther community is ... We talk, think, pray and worship together every day. I saw that as such a positive gift so it was a good experience.

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Deborah Hutterer

Executive Director
Augsburg College
Minneapolis, MN

The prospect of embarking on a four-year seminary education can be daunting. But imagine adding a four-year undergraduate degree requirement to that. That's what Deborah Hutterer (M.Div. 2004) faced when colleagues encouraged her to go into the preaching ministry.

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Christian Holleck

St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Harwich, MA

Studying another belief system has enabled me to come to a deeper understanding of Christianity's unique claims.  Faithful Christians are called to love their neighbors, and understanding our neighbor is the first step to love.

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Magdi Gendi

Ph.D., International Alum

I chose to attend Luther because it had a good reputation in the world of theological studies and a large, diverse faculty body made up of well-known scholars. Also, the community was warm and welcoming. The student body was also diverse.

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Kristine Stache

Doctor of Philosophy Student

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Paul Nynas

Pastor of Children, Youth & Family Ministry
Hope Lutheran Church
Fargo, North Dakota

For Paul Nynas, both seminary education and pastoral ministry are all about teamwork.

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