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Alumni Stories

Todd Buegler

Director of Youth and Family Ministry
Lord of Life Lutheran Church
Maple Grove, Minn.

Todd loves what he does every day, calling ministry to junior and senior high youth "the greatest work of the church."

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Shaun Halland

Music Leader & Choir Director
Edina Community Lutheran Church
Edina, MN

"I grew up in a congregation that fostered young musicians and have always felt 'right' in that setting," Halland said. His undergraduate degree qualified him for many church music positions, "But I felt ... I needed a stronger foundation of education before I would feel comfortable serving a congregation."

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Mary Lou Baumgartner

King of Kings Lutheran Church
New Windsor, NY

I've come to learn how important it is to celebrate Sabbath, to draw boundaries around time, and to nurture myself as a daughter of God so I can continue to be a servant of God.

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Hal Dragseth

President, Seraphim Communications
St. Paul, MN.

There is a great deal of noise in the culture that pumps out louder sounds and more active and eye-catching images. There is, however, a deep desire to hear and see stories that connect our heart to the heart of God.

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Elaine Brandt

Diaconal Minister and Chaplain, Hospice Homecare

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Kristine Stache

Doctor of Philosophy Student

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Jill Abenth

There's the call that's inside of you and there's the call that comes from other people. I listened to both.

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Kris Linner

Associate Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church
Stillwater, MN

The 'still small voice' within would no longer be still. My thought was that I would go to seminary and get this yearning for studying theology out of my system and 'get back to my life.' Well, here I am many years later loving ministry.

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Judy Reitz

Master of Divinity Alum

Being a commuter student was challenging at times, but there is a gift in being a commuter student because you recognize how unique the Luther community is ... We talk, think, pray and worship together every day. I saw that as such a positive gift so it was a good experience.

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Dorothy Tate

Volunteer Curriculum Developer

Being a Christian means getting out of your comfort zone and stepping into God's kingdom.

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