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Alumni Stories

Christian Holleck

St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Harwich, MA

Studying another belief system has enabled me to come to a deeper understanding of Christianity's unique claims.  Faithful Christians are called to love their neighbors, and understanding our neighbor is the first step to love.

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Todd Hawkins

Master of Divinity, '03

Seminary life presents opportunities to marriage. My wife was very supportive of me becoming a pastor. Her encouragement meant a great deal to me. Though it wasn't always easy, seminary brought us closer and enriched our love for each other.

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Mark Brown

Regional Representative for Jerusalem and the Middle East, Lutheran World Federation
Jerusalem, Israel

The Lord makes strange days for Palestinians and Israelis, locked in a struggle for the same Holy Land.

"It's easier to be a faithful Christian here," he says quietly. "You're prompted every day to wake up and reaffirm that today is the day that the Lord has made."

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Genelle Netland

Associate Pastor
Calvary Lutheran Church
Bemidji, MN

We need great leaders in the church, and I think that, as intimidating as seminary might sound, it's a great experience and they do a great job of preparing us ... Come and check it out and see what God might be up to in your life!

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Paul Nynas

Pastor of Children, Youth & Family Ministry
Hope Lutheran Church
Fargo, North Dakota

For Paul Nynas, both seminary education and pastoral ministry are all about teamwork.

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Masresha Chufa

There is such intense scrutiny of Islam in the United States these days that one might think Americans were unaware of its practice in this country until the Sept. 11 attacks.

But for Masresha Chufa, '05, the co-existence of Islam and Christianity was not only the focus of his education at Luther Seminary, but a fact of life in his native Ethiopia for centuries. Relations between the two religions are peaceful, he said, a status he hopes his training will help maintain.

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Jon Campbell

The MSM program really gave me a sense of vocation.  I grow as a person of faith as I do what I love.

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Mark Reitan


The whole business of call and resisting call is a very real thing. You have to decide if you'll stay where you are or if God is calling you to another place.

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Kris Linner

Associate Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church
Stillwater, MN

The 'still small voice' within would no longer be still. My thought was that I would go to seminary and get this yearning for studying theology out of my system and 'get back to my life.' Well, here I am many years later loving ministry.

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Dorothy Tate

Volunteer Curriculum Developer

Being a Christian means getting out of your comfort zone and stepping into God's kingdom.

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