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Quick Facts About Luther Seminary

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What is the size of the faculty?


What percentage of the faculty is ecumenical?


What percentage of the faculty have a Ph.D.?


How many books haVE the current faculty published?


Financial Aid

How much are tuition and living expenses?

Tuition is $11,000 annually for full-time study. Living expenses and books can range from $28,000-32,335 annually.

What financial aid is available for students?

Luther Seminary provides more than $3.1 million in financial aid to students each year. In addition, local congregations provide another $1.2 million in assistance. On average, this covers approximately two-thirds of the cost of tuition, but students still incur significant living expenses that must be covered through employment, loans or other sources of income. 

How much debt do students accumulate during seminary?

  • 32% graduate without seminary debt
  • 68% graduate with seminary debt (average indebtedness for these students is $40,658)

Seminary Finances

What are the seminary's sources of revenue?

  • 49% gifts and grants from individuals and congregations
  • 24% tuition and fees
  • 15% endowment income
  • 10% ELCA churchwide and synod grants
  • 2% other sources

What is the seminary's annual budget?

$19.8 million

What is the size of the seminary's endowment?

$79.7 million

Are fundraising dollars used effectively?

Every dollar spent on fundraising returns $6.40 to Luther Seminary's educational programs.  In other words, it costs us 16 cents to raise a dollar.


How many students are enrolled at Luther Seminary?


Enrollment by degree program

  • 50% Master of Divinity
  • 21% Ph.D., Master of Theology or Doctor of Ministry programs
  • 22% Master of Arts program
  • 7% Non-degree programs

What is the median age of incoming Master of Arts and Master of Divinity classes?


What percentage of students are male/female?

  • 54% male
  • 46% female

What is the denominational make up of the student body?

28% (231 students) of the total student body represent 20 denominations and faiths other than the ELCA.

How many international students are enrolled?

48, from 20 countries

How many students of color are enrolled?

There are 55 students who self-identify as persons of color. Of these, a growing number come from these new American communities:  Hmong, Korean, Ethiopian, Latino, Somali and Sudanese.

How do Luther Seminary graduates serve the church?

Luther Seminary provides about one-third of the pastors and an increasing number of lay professionals in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA); leaders of many global Lutheran churches are Luther Seminary graduates.

How many students graduate from Luther Seminary each year?


How many students are in the program for Distributed Learning Master of Divinity?

38 students are enrolled in the DL M.Div. degree.

How many students are in the Children, Youth and Family program?

30 M.A. and 47 M.Div. students are enrolled in the CYF residential degree.
47 students are enrolled in the DL CYF M.A. degree.