student stories

Our students come from a variety of faith backgrounds, and they all have unique stories about what brought them to seminary. Here, some of these students explain how God brought them to Luther Seminary, and the ways in which their education is preparing them for a life of ministry.

Taylor Skoglund, Master of Arts

Taylor Skoglund talks about how she found a wealth of community at Luther Seminary.

Kristofer Coffman, Master of Divinity

Kristofer Coffman honors multiple traditions as he pursues a future in rural ministry.

Joe Natwick, Master of Divinity

At his Vancouver, Wash., internship site, Joe Natwick develops his skills for ministry while exploring God's creation.

Janet Karvonen-Montgomery, Master of Divinity

A former basketball star, Karvonen-Montgomery talks about her journey from the life of an athlete to one of a seminary student, and the parallels between the two.

AGAPE* (aka David Scherer), Master of Arts, Congregational Mission and Leadership 

Christian rapper David Scherer speaks (and raps) poetically about why Luther Seminary is the place for him to develop his unique gifts for ministry.

Emilie Bouvier, Master of Arts, Congregational Mission and Leadership

As the Artist in Residence at Luther Seminary, Emilie Bouvier gets to explore her twin passions for photography and theology, and witness the ways in which they meet.