Ambassadors Program

The mission of Luther Seminary is to educate leaders for Christian communities. To do this effectively, it is important to develop and nurture relationships with these communities and congregations of the church.

Luther Seminary Ambassadors:

  • Are members in good standing of their home congregation.
  • Serve as a resource in their congregation about events, educational opportunities and other offerings available at Luther Seminary for their congregation.
  • Lift up the need to identify and encourage persons with gifts for ministry.
  • Communicate the role of seminary education in the future of the church.
  • Build a strong relationship between their congregation and
    Luther Seminary.
  • Share and use Luther Seminary resources.

 How Luther Seminary Supports Ambassadors:

  • Provides ongoing support and training for all activities related to the Ambassador Program.
  • Keeps Ambassadors informed about new updates, initiatives and
  • Communicates any changes in the goals and/or expected outcomes for the Ambassador Program.
  • Provides additional support as needed.

Become an Ambassador

Do you know someone who may be a good fit for the Luther Seminary Ambassador Program? 

Contact:  Mary Steeber

Volunteer Coordinator

651-641-3596 + Toll-free: 888-358-8437

Are You an Ambassador Already?

Go to the resources page to find out about how you and your congregation can stay connected to Luther!