Ambassadors Resources

Use the resources below to help your congregation stay connected to Luther!

task list

Wondering what you can do as an ambassador of Luther Seminary? Try out some of these helpful tips!

  • Familiarize yourself with the Luther Seminary website to learn about what kinds of things are available for you and your congregation.  

  • Check out the congregational resources provided by Luther Seminary. 

  • Sign up to receive God Pause devotions in your email daily. Ask to have a link to God Pause on the home page of your church’s website.

  • After learning about what Luther Seminary has to offer, set up a time to visit with your pastor about ideas you have about what would be helpful to your congregation.  

  • Meet with your church administrator or whoever manages your website and/or newsletter to identify the steps needed to publicize various pieces of information. Find out what format would be the most helpful in your particular setting. Contact Luther Seminary about securing the best information stream in your setting.

  • Bring a group from your church (council, Sunday School classes, confirmation class, women’s group, etc.) to campus for a campus tour, lunch and trip to the bookstore.

  • Bring a group from your church to a Lay School class or have one of the courses brought to your church via webcast.  

  • Other opportunities for groups from your church include: Singing the Faith Reformation Celebration and Dinner, Mid-Winter ConvocationPreviews and more.

  • Plan an adult forum at your church that focuses on the education of pastors and lay leaders for the church. Pray for persons contemplating the possibility of studying at Luther Seminary or considering a call to ministry.

  • Does your church have a newsletter? Provide a small piece of information about seminary education each month  (e.g., Did you know that it is possible to earn a Master of Divinity degree via online courses and be prepared for rostered leadership in the Lutheran church?).

  • Ask Luther Seminary to provide bookmarks for your hymnals/Bibles in your pew racks.

  • Invite a faculty member to preach.

  • Provide information to your congregation about how theological education is financed.

  • Encourage your stewardship committee to check out our Center for Stewardship for stewardship resources and ideas.

  • Pray for all seminary students and the future leadership for the church.

  • Create a bulletin board at your church with information about Luther Seminary and the many resources available (Lay School, lecture series, information about links to daily chapel services, God Pause, Working Preacher, Enter the Bible, etc.)

  • Create a section in your church’s monthly newsletter and/or website to publicize course offerings and other resources from Luther Seminary.

  • Invite a faculty member to preach.

  • Post photos of your intern or contextual education students and pray for them by name.


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other resources

For more resources for churches and faith leaders, please check out Working Preacher, God Pause, Enter the Bible and the Stewardship Newsletter