Record Group 4: Hauge Synod


The Hauge Synod, the most numerous Norwegian pietistic group, separated from the "Eielsen Synod" in 1876. Named for the evangelical lay preacher and religious reformer of 18th and 19th century Norway, Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771-1824), the group de-emphasized formal worship and stressed personal faith experience. Reflecting a "low-church" Lutheranism, the Hauge Synod records revolve around domestic and international missions activities and annual reports, featuring a highly informative scrapbook of the Mission Dove, the womens' auxiliary of the mission effort. The size of materials listed below indicate a book binding approach with the records rather than the typical archival box approach.

Incorporation and real property, 1858-1917 1 fol.
Annual reports, 1875-1917 2 vols.
Trustees, 1893-1917 2 vols.
Education, 1906-1917 1 vol.
Publications,1877-1909 3 vols.
Home Missions, Cashbook, 1906-1913 1 vol.
Mission Dove of Hauge's Synod/WMF,1901-1917 1 vol.