Record Group 9: Lutheran Free Church


Under the dynamic leadership of Georg Sverdrup, the Lutheran Free Church (LFC) emerged from the United Norwegian Lutheran Church surrounding controversy regarding the future of Augsburg Seminary and College, Minneapolis. The Church focused on congregational autonomy within a minimal denominational and credal identity. Liturgically "low church," its records reflect a broad array of church activities, amounting to 70 cubic feet of records. These document the church’s educational and missions activities, while publications and records of the Presidents Office are also notable.


General publications, 1893-1963

2.0 cu. ft.

President's Office, 1897-1963

14.0 cu. ft.

Board of Organization, 1897-1963

7.0 cu. ft.

Augsburg Seminary/Augsburg College, 1874-1963

4.0 cu. ft.

Education, 1908-1963

3.0 cu. ft.

Home Missions, 1897-1963

8.0 cu. ft.

Lutheran Board of Foreign Missions, 1891-1963

12.0 cu. ft.


6.0 cu. ft.


2.5 cu. ft.


3.5 cu. ft.

Ministers' Pension Fund, 1909-1963

2.0 cu. ft.

Charities, 1898-1963

2.0 cu. ft.

LFC Publishing Company, 1924-1963

1.0 cu. ft.

Luther League Federation, 1915-1963

4.0 cu. ft.

Stewardship, 1935-1962

1.0 cu. ft.

Women's Missionary Federation, 1915-1963

8.0 cu. ft.

Merger negotiations, 1951-1963

2.0 cu. ft.