Lutheran Orient Missions

Historical Sketch

The Lutheran Orient Mission (LOM) was established in 1910 at the Protestant Inter-National Conference for Foreign Missions in Edinburgh.  Originally named the Inter-Synodical Lutheran Orient Mission Society, it is currently called Lutheran Mideast Development.  Its purpose is to serve the Kurds, an ethnic group of some 25 million scattered among Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.  The Kurds trace their origins to the Medes of the ancient Persian Empire.

The first missionaries sent were L. O. Fossum, a Lutheran pastor from Berwyn, Illinois, and E. Edman, a pastor and veteran of the India missions.  They established a missionary compound at the city of Soujbulak; this property was completely destroyed during a war between Russia and Persia (1912-1916).  The missionaries fled at that time.  After World War I, Fossum returned.  Before his death in 1920 at age 41, he produced a Kurdish alphabet, grammar, an English-Kurdish lexicon, as well as translations of the New Testament, Luther’s Small Catechism, and a hymnbook with 100 hymns and a Lutheran liturgy.

Medical service was part of the missionary effort from the beginning.  Fossum and Edman had brought nurses when they first arrived in Soujbulak, and a succession of medical personnel subsequently served in the territory.  In the 1960s, Dr. Richard Gardiner, an English physician, labored to fund the construction a hospital in Gorveh, Iran.  His hospital was closed in 1979 when LOM was forced to leave the country.

Political circumstances made it impossible for LOM to continue its work in Iraq and Iran.  LOM was ejected from Iraq in 1959 for no clearly stated reason.  Nonetheless, Sadiq Shammi, an evangelist, was able to keep the Iraq mission field alive through the 1970s.  After Shammi’s retirement, no one was able to continue in Iraq because of the war with Iran.  At the beginning of the war, all foreigners were driven out of Iran, forcing the abandonment of that field as well.  LOM subsequently set up operations in Egypt and Bangladesh, while continuing to hold its primary mission to be ministry to the Kurds wherever they could be reached.

Scope and Content

This collection contains materials produced in the course of the Lutheran Orient Mission’s establishment and operations.  L.O.M. constitution and bylaws.  Minutes, agendas, and reports from the board of directors, executive committee, and annual meetings.  Correspondence, notably including that of Clarence Mueller, Henry A. Mueller, Clemens H. Zeidler, Charles A. Puls, Arthur L. Rustad, and Sadiq Shammi.  Personal files on numerous L.O.M. personnel.  Ledgers of income, expenses, and receipts, 1923 to 1951.  Financial statements and audit reports.  Materials on the hospital in Gorveh, Iran, including correspondence and reports from Dr. Richard Gardiner.  Partial runs of “Kurdistan Missionary” and “Lutheran Orient Mission.”  Photographs and promotional materials.

Date span 1896 to 1989; bulk 1920 to 1985.

Box List

Box 1

Scrapbook of Kurdistan  photos from  Morris O. Wee  ca 1890


Box 2

“Administration” – 1963   papers and letters by C.C.A. Jensen including 54 page “ A Crisis Situation”, 27-page paper on The Lutheran Church

LOM Constitution – 1910?

Short history of LOM – 56 pp. plus other historical pieces.

Historical Sketch of LOM by Norman Olson.  27pp 1950

Misc. letters, ca 1963

Death, funeral bulletin and information about Robert Emory Golladay

Biographical sheet about Dr. Richard Gardiner, and 1963 visit schedule

”Why I became a Christian”  - Sadiq Shammi of Arbil, Iraq; 1973 booklet “Shammi of Iraq”

Financial Reports, 1933-1968

Handbook of Missionaries Allowances and Furlough Periods, 1961  Church Missionary Society

”Obedience” – paper by C.C.A. Jensen

Promotional folders, tracts etc.


Short History of the Assyrians”  - in Norsk

60th Anniversary materials, 1970

Reports – from Jensen, Mueller, Anderson   1952-1963

Floor Plan of  Christian Hospital, Ghorveh, Kurdistan, Iran


Box 3

Correspondence from Clarence Mueller  1932-1936

Correspondence from Clarence Mueller, 1936-1945


Box 4

Executive Committee & Board Minutes, 1951-1971

Executive Committee and Board Minutes, 1951 - 1954

Executive Committee and Board Minutes, 1956 – 1959

Missionary Council Minutes, Iraq – 1957-1958

Minutes, 1960 - 1962

Minutes, 1963

Minutes, 1964 - 1965

Minutes, 1966 – 1967

Minutes, 1968 – 1969

Minutes, 1970 – 1971


Box 5

Correspondence, 1956-1968

Dr. Richard Gardiner  -1956-1968 with C.C.N Jensen & others

Board Member and Executive Secretary 1958-1968

Mrs. Anita Nelson – with Board & Exec. Sec’y 1958 - 1962

Mrs. Anita Nelson – with Dr. Gardiner, 1963 – 1965

Mrs. Anita Nelson – with Board and Exec. Sec. 1966 - 1968  

Board Correspondence with Gardiners  1960 – 1966

Correspondence with other Board members than Gardiner

Misc. correspondence with Anita Nelson

Misc. correspondence, 1960-1962

Long folder of Misc. Correspondence, 1958 – 1965

(Long narrow book) with 100 Kurdish Christian hymns…some translations and some original – L.O. Fossum.  Donors seem to include M.O. Wee and Dr. A.S. Burgess


Box 6

Correspondence ’78-‘79

LOM Correspondence, 1972, 1977 – 1978

Correspondence, January - June , 1978

Correspondence, July – Dec. 1978

Second field Correspondence, 1979

Correspondence, January – June, 1979


Box 7

Correspondence, 1970-1977

(Restricted for use only with permission of the LOM Board)


1970-1971  Correspondence between Dr. Richard Gardiner and Dr. Charles Puls & others

1972 Correspondence between Dr. Richard Gardiner and Dr. Charles Puls & others

1973 Correspondence  (two folders) between Dr. Richard Gardiner and Dr. Charles Puls

1974 Correspondence between Dr. Richard Gardiner and Dr. Charles Puls & others

1975  Correspondence between Dr. Richard Gardiner and Dr. Charles Puls

1976  Correspondence between Dr. Richard Gardiner and Dr. Charles Puls

1977 Correspondence between Dr. Richard Gardiner and Dr. Charles Puls


Box 8


1.  Photos, 5 x 7”

2.  Larger photos with identified personnel

3.  Scripts – identifying pictures



1.  Hospital construction at Gorveh, Iran
1B.  Hospital – Patients, Nurses & Doctors at work – Gorveh
2.       "               "
2B.  Hospital Construction – Gorveh
3.  Hospital – Patients, Nurses and Doctors at work
4.  Hospital – Patients, Nurses & Doctors at work
5.  Hospital Dedication
6.  Hospital at Gorveh – Exterior – some during construction
7.  Hospital – Surgery mostly
8.  Hospital – Dedication of the new well
9.  Hospital – Interior
10.  Hospital personnel – mostly
11.  Scenes – Gorveh area and some unidentified people
12.  Gorveh Hospital buildings
13.  Commissioning – Rev. Paul. E. Bungum
14.  Malech Mission
15.  Ispahan, iran.  Mission hospital once owned by Church Missionary Society of London.  Dr. Wild, Surgeon
16.  Shammi (in Arbil, Iraq
17.  LOM – General
18.  Arbil, Iraq


Box 9

1963 Correspondence

1964 Correspondence

1964-1968 Correspondence – Gustav Ander

1963-1972 Correspondence, Norman G. Anderson

1972-1974 Correspondence – Robert Anderson

Correspondence, Archives, 1968, 1977

1963-1965  Correspondence, Paul Bungum

1965  Correspondence, Andrew S. Burgess

1963 Correspondence with Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Missions

1963-1972  Correspondence - Earl Ericksen

1933-1971  Correspondence  Alfred Boerger

1965  Gorveh correspondence

1964-1965 Correspondence – Rudolph Martens

1954-1968 Misc. Correspondence

1934-1954, 1962-1971 Correspondence – Clarence Mueller

1958-1962 – Correspondence, Henry & Margaret Mueller

1963-1971 –Correspondence, Phillip & Regina Mueller

1963-1972 Correspondence, Mrs. Byron (Anita) Nelson

1970-1973 Correspondence, Dr. Charles Puls

1961-1973 Correspondence , Al Rustad

1963-1972 Correspondence – Sadiq Shammi

1968-1973 Correspondence, H.A.A. Smith

1964-1973 Correspondence, Wendell Swanson

1972-1973 Correspondence, Florence Thorson

1951-1954, 1963. Correspondence, A.W. Walck, ALC connections, Takeover?

1963-1964, 1976-1977 Correspondence, C.H. Zeidler


Box 10

Correspondence from C.C.A. Jensen

1968-1973 with Richard Gardiner

1955-1959, 1963, 1972  with Rev. Arvid Myhrwold

1957-1958, 1962 0 1965  with Rev. A. W. Walck

1954, 195701958, 1966-1968 also with Rev. A.W. Walck


Box 11

Financial Records


1.  Receipts – January 1948-June, 1951

2.  Receipts, 1927 –Dec. 1935  pp. 1-252

Journal Entries   pp. 253 – 299

Receipts  March 1934 - Dec. 1935   considerable water damage

3.  Receipts, January 1936- December 1949 

pp. 475-483  Journal entrees

4.  General Fund pp. 1-151

Hospital Fund p. 151

Educational Fund, p. 190

Orphanage Fund, P. 201

Opportunity Fund, p. 225

Table of Receipts. P. 240

Boosters Fund, p. 251

Annual Memberships, p. 281

5.  Expenses/Disbursements, Jan. 1923 – June, 1951

Check Register – October, 1958 – June, 1960

Check Register – June, 1960 – December, 1960

Check Register - January, 1961 – February, 1962

Expense register – June, 1957 – July, 1958

Gestetner (mimeograph company) information, brochures


Box 12


Reports and Minutes, 1952-1953

Reports/Minutes, 1954-1956

Exec. Committee Minutes, July 27, 2937-1948

Reports/Minutes, 1948-1951

Reports/Minutes, 1931-1940

Executive Secretary’s Reports & Correspondence, Dec. 1949-February, 1950

Historical Resume (History of Lutheran Missions for Kurdistan territory)

Executive Committee, January, 1957-January, 1960

Sadiq Shammi

American Lutheran and Evangelical Lutheran Church reports

Social Security Reports

Rev. Rudolf Martens

Rev. Henry Mueller

Dennis Mueller

Rev. Phillip Mueller

Clarence Mueller (4 folders)

Margaret Mueller

Ruth Mickelson

Missionary Council Reports

Rev. Alfred Boerger


Box 13

Board of Directors Reports – 1925

Mission Report  - 1926

Executive Committee Minutes – 1930-1937

Reports/Minutes - 1931-1940

LOM Misc. 1930


Audit Report of LOM – 1924-1927

Financial Reports -  1924-1946

Financial Reports, Soujbulak, Persia, - 1926-1932

Financial Reports, Soujbulak, Persia & Arbil, Iraq – From 1937


Travels in Kurdistan, 1896 – from journals of Rev. Gustav Karl Wiencke

Dahl, Martha -1926-1927

Mackensen, Rev. H. – 1914 - 1926

Mueller, Clarence  - 1934-1936

Mueller, Henry A. – 1929-1932

Mueller, Henry & Mrs. Correspondence – 1929 – 1932

Mueller, Henry – 1932-1934

Mueller, Henry – 1933- 1935

Mueller, Henry – 1937


Box 14

Missionary Meetings, 1958

Board Meeting, Nov. 1948

Constitution – Historical Sketch

Board Meeting, Sept. 5, 1957

Audit, 1956 & 1957

Appeals, Special letters

Haarvik, Orlaug, R. N.

Eastvold, Seth C

Financial Statements, 1951-1957

Agerstrand, C.F. Photos, Misc.

Audit Report of LOM Sept. 1924 – sept. 30, 1927

Jensen, C.C.A.

Walck, Rev. A.W.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 1/25/27 – 10/30/29  (#2 elsewhere)


Treasurer’s Report, 1931-1946

Financial Reports/ Audits, 1929-1940

Missions and the European Situation (Foreign Missions Conference of North America)

Monthly Financial Reports  1 of 2 – 1937-1950

Monthly Financial Reports 2 of 2 – 1928 – 1938

Misc. Information

Financial Reports 1950 – 1951  Klein & Schlossin

LOM Misc. Board Reports and Correspondence, 1953-1957

Walck. Rev. A.W. (Correspondence with Rev. A.V. Boergev

  1. 1937-1943
  2. 1937-1941

Brown, Dr. J.N.

Erickson, Rev. E.C.

Eastvold, Dr. S.C.

Mueller, Regina Welsch

Jamil, Nuhad

McCreary, George B.

Mueller, Rev. Marcus C.

Nelson, Anita

Rand, Sidney

Schmidt, Rev. O.E.

Life Magazine Article on Iraq, Aug. 4, 1958


Box 15

“Palmquist photos slides and filmstrips”

The Minaret -   A Call for Lutheran Missions in the Moslem World…..publication of the Society for the      promotion of Mohammedan Missions.    Box includes most of the issues from Vol. 1 No. 1, 1945 through Vol. 13, No.2, Jan. 1958

10 pages of 12 x 12” cardboard with pictures and text about “Community Health Development Project  - site not indicated   Assume Ghorveh, Iran

2 Filmstrips with text – Christian Hospital: Story of Hope and Healing – L.O.M.

2 Cassettes (no tones) Christian Hospital: Story of Hope and healing – L.O.M. with text

Script – Faith at Work in Kurdistan – a slide program for your group meeting.  Goes with Slide Box #2

“photo album prepared  by Dr. Gardiner and given to Charles Puls in 1970 (orange sheet cover)

Folder – Filmstrip program.  Contains pictures, contact sheets of slides

Box of 70 slides  labeled #7; 12 slides in white box –MHT hospital

Carrousel tray #1 plus 24 slides  (Tomb of Cyrus the Great & Dizful – Iran Biblical city of the blind --among others)

Carrousel tray #2 – hospital work pictures

5 x 7 envelopes of pictures   - contents listed on outside may indicate contents correctly.

  1. Prayer groups
  2. General – Adult patients
  3. Buildings, shops and street scenes – Ghorveh
  4. “Pictures for further use”
  5. Six photo envelopes: 1: India and D.E.K.; 2: Bangaladesh & Nepal; 3: Delhi; 4: Risalpur (?); 5: Tank & D.I.K.; 6: Tank Hospital; 7: New Dehli; 8: Holland and Murdan (?); 9: Calcutta, Lamb and Turkey.  All with negatives.

Envelope with 4 slides of Mountains in Nepal

Envelope: “Pictures that have been used in publications” plus misc. negatives “which can be used in publications.  A few have been used – easy to check.

Cassette – “My interview with Gardiner – by C.A. Puls, 1972

 8 x 10 picture including Puls, Jensen, Mueller and others

Small slide boxes  labeled:Lamb, DIK, I. Oberg, I. Oberg, Tank, India, Risalpuv(?), India, Misc. These are in black box.  Also several small envelopes of negatives.


Box 16

Financial Records

Elvert Nurses

European Contacts

Financial Orders

Financial Information I  Guidelines

Financial Information II

General Mailing – Christmas Letters, 1971-1977

Financial Records

Financial Reports I

Financial Reports II

Gardiner 1963

Gardiner 1967-1970

Gardiner 1971-1979

Dr Gardiner

Franklin National Bank

Christian Hospital at Ghorveh, Kurdistan, 1970  Summer report – Photos & Text

A.J. Hetzel

Hospital Staff Meetings

Kutbi – Carpets

Magi – Video Projects

C.A.A. Jensen

Krueger, John. G.

LOM Catalog

John Mcdouall

News Letters to Board Members

A.J. Hetzel

Jan Olsen

Lewis Pinch


Reports to Board

Rev. Robert Pryor (Tehran)

Scantlebury, Ray


Shammi II

Shammi Pension

Jack Wallace, I.P. Marsh

C.H. Zeidler

Schedule of Payments, LOM to Dr. Gardiner; News Letters to Board Members 1979

Lutheran Evangelization Work in Persia and Kurdistan – L. O. Fossum,  1910

(On top)  8 ½ x 14”  booklet on Ghorveh Christian Hospital


Box 17


Bank Records 1978

Misc papers, 1997

History of LOM

Palmquist Report, 1996

Palmquist Report, 1997

LOM 1998 M. Palmquist Report

Summary of investments 1999

LOM LB – 2000

Washington Kurdish Institute – ‘02

Institute of Muslim Studies – 1988

Kurdish Persecution – ‘05

1993 & 1994 LOM field Reports

1996 LOM Activities Report

1998 & 1999 LOM Field Reports

Report on Audit – 1977 & 1978 & 1980

(In Norsk and ?arabic) – 2 sheets

Memorial folder for Rose Marie Oberg, 1998

 “The Internally Displaced People of Iraq” -   John Fawcett and Victor Tanner, 2002

LOM The Messenger – copies from 1984, 1985,1990, 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999

News about Kurds

Ledger pages from 1963-1967

Notebook of minutes of board meetings of LOM, 1983 – 1995


The World of Islam – John B. Taylor 1979

4 folders of Misc. papers


Box 18

60th Anniversary Banquet

Executive Committee Minutes 1982-1986

LOM Audits 1965-1984   etc

Audits , Hospital

Board – Agenda and notices

Field Study



Henry Mueller

Celebration, LOM

Incorporation (LOM)


Bible & Medical Missionary Fellowship

Board Minutes, 1980 – ‘86

Board Members

Bond, indemnity

Bremer Estates

Board – reports of Exec. Sec’y


Lutheran Brotherhood


Paul Bungam

Esther Carlson Estate

Gertrude Carlson – estate

Barbara Choate

Christmas Letter

Gilma T. Crawford Estate

Dr. Wm Dahl

Dehqani – Tafti Bishop

Ellis, Hergert & Alice

Elster, Marlene

DuCharne, Ruth – estate


Financial Reports by months, 1980-1986

Perchen Estate

Mueller, Phillip

Forsburg, E.O. Estate

Franklin National Bank

Gardiner, 1964—1966

Grieg, B.F.

Hospital Plan

Hospital Reports – Physician Accountants

London Committee

Lutheran World Federation

Marsh, F.J.P.W.

Medical Assistance Program, (MAP)


Milleville, Carl J. Estate


Missionary Research Library

Missouri Synod – LOM

Myrhwold, Arvid

Next Issues

Board matters, 1980

Nurses and Doctors

Oberg election

Treasurer’s Reports 1980

Opsal, Bernt

Patzold, Mrs. Leonard



Puls election Cert.

Puls   2

Stacy Roettger

Scott, Muriel

Scott, Dr. William

Strom, Dr. P

Rowden, H.J. Lloyd’s Bank

Rules for Missionaries

St. Anthony Park Bank

Saleem, Rev. Akhtar

Scott, Ed

Sidhom – LOM

World Brotherhood Exchange

Walck, A.W.

Swanson, Stephen and Nancy

Second Field

Donors – Special


Box 19

Missing copies:   Sept-Oct, 1986    March –April, 1987     Jan – Feb, 1988     March-April, 1989     Jan –Feb, 1990    March –April, 1990 

White Notebook – Field Reports; Minutes of Executive Committee3/2000-6-2002; financial6-30-’99 – 10-2002; Endowment investments, 2001;  Director’s report 2002;  Job Description of Exec. Director;

Navy Notebook #1  Financial Records January 1996 – May, 1999

Navy Notebook #2 Board Minutes from Feb. 1996 – June, 1999

Navy Notebook #3 “The Messenger” Vol. 74, No.! – Jan-feb, 1986   -Vol. 84, No.1  Jan- Feb, 1996;   and one each from ’67, ’68, ’70 and ’74  plus Vol 69 (1981) and Vol 70 (1982)

Navy Notebook #4 Messengers:  No.1  Jan Feb, 1996-Vol. 91, No. 5   Sept – Oct, 2002

“Robins’ egg blue notebook –Misc material and pictures in plastic sleeves –from the‘70’s


Smith, Tony

Sparik, Enid

World Mission Prayer League

World Mission Prayer League -#2


Scott, William

Constitution (LOM)

Blincoe Report


Mission Statement (LOM)

Christmas Mailings, 1996-1998

Misc. 1973 – 2002

Misc. publications


Box 20 A

VHS Tape – “Quest of the Maji”   Linnell to Ken Harris

Audio Tape – Al Malmberg’s WCCO radio interview with John Snider regarding the Lutheran Orient Mission Society’s Carpet Exhibition

DVD “Lutheran Orient Mission Society”

Booklet “Borders of Terror, Frontiers of Peace”  Brookelyn Fitts

            (Turkey’s Forgotten Kurdish Women and girls at the crossroads of history)

LOM Messenger – May-June, 2008

Notebook – “Would you be a friend to the Kurds?”  These are their faces – story

Folder with DVD  - “These are their Faces, Here is our Story”

Folder:  “A Ray of Hope”

Blue folder – “To be archived for LMD – 2005-2009


Regular Folders

Lutheran Mideast Development, 2007-2009  Strategic Plan.  Planning notes

Lutheran Mideast Development – Constitution Change  2007  Drafts and Process


LOM  Bible Lands

LOMS bible Lands Assoc. Reports

LOMS Correspondence  (mail, e-mail)  1996-2002

LOMS donation receipts

LOMS Field Reports

Global Mission Weekend  LOMS  Calvary Lutheran, April 17-18, 2004

LOMS History

LOMS  “Kine em?” (Who are we?”) Turkish & translation

LOMS  Kurdish Missions

LOMS Messenger – Vol. 85 – March –April, 1997-Vol 96, May-June, 2007

LOMS Turkey Pictures

Lutheran Mideast Development  Board Mtg agenda  1/14/’08 -May 12-2008

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial, 1996-1997

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial, 1998

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial, 1999

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial, 2000

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial, 2001

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial , 2002

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial 2003

LOMS Correspondence, 2003

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial, 2004

LOMS Meeting minutes and Financial, 2005

LOMS meeting minutes and Financial, 2006

LOMS Meeting Minutes and Financial, 2007


Box 20 B

Lutheran Orient Mission Executive committee Minutes, 1967-1973

Executive Committee minutes, 1974-1975

Executive Committee Minutes, 1976-1979

Executive Committee Minutes, 1980

Executive Committee Minutes, 1981-1985

Lutheran Orient Mission Annual Meeting Minutes, 1974-1977

LOM Annual Meeting Minutes, 1978-1980

LOM A.M.M,1980 – 1982

LOM A.M.M., 1983-1984

LOM A.M.M., 1985

LOM Correspondence – Dr. Clemens H. Zeidler, VP to & from Rev. Arthur L. Rustad, Treasurer, 1967-1976

LOM Historical Notes

LOM Rev. Henry A. Mueller, Margaret Kearns Mueller

LOM promotional materials, ca 1979-1988

LOM “Rules for the Missionaries at the Field.”

LOM Correspondence – Dr. Clemens H. Zeidler, Fin. Sec. to & from Rev. Charles A. Puls, Jan, 1975-Dec. 1975

LOM Correspondence, Zeidler – Puls, Jan 1976-Dec. 1976

LOM correspondence, Zeidler – Puls, Jan, 1977 – Nov, 1979

LOM Correspondence, Zeidler –to & from Arthur L. Rustad, Exec Sec & Treas. 1960-1966

LOM Board of Directors, Recognition certificates

LOM Check stubbs, Feb. 17, 1976-Dec. 27, 1977

LOM Constitution and By-laws

LOM  1) Hospital, Ghorveh, Iran – correspondence, re: construction funds;

  2) Ouster of C.C.A. Jensen as Exec. Sec’y Treas. & A. Walck as president, 1963

LOM correspondence, Missionary recruiting methods questioned

LOM Correspondence, Missionary Report from Dr. Richard & Monica Gardiner, Hospital – Ghorveh, Iran, 1978

LOM Correspondence, Missionary Termination pay for Sadiq Shammi

LOM Correspondence to Mrs. Byron Nelson, Board Member

LOM Correspondence, Zeidler to & from Puls, 1/4/73 – 12/26/74

LOM  - Issues of “Kurdistan Missionary”, Vol. 15 , 1923 – Oct. 1926; “Lutheran Orient Mission”, Jan. 1950

LOM Bd of Directors & Exec. Com. Minutes and Agendas, 1959-1963

LOM Bd of Directors and Exec. Com. Minutes and Agendas, 1963-1967

LOM  Bd of Directors & Exec/ Com Minutes & Agendas, 1973-1975

LOM Bd of Directors & Exec. Com Minutes & Agendas, 1976-1977

LOM Bd of Directors & Exec. Com Minutes & Agendas, 1978=1980; 1987 – 1980

Two recording tapes marked only 8:30 and 10:30

LOM  Henry A. Mueller, Margaret Kearns Mueller, Am. Luth Mission, Arbil,Iraq


Box 21

Print plates for newspaper articles


Box 22

Print plates for Newspaper articles