Andrew S. Burgess (1897-1993)

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Andrew S. Burgess was born September 29, 1897, in Herscher, Illinois.  After serving as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army during World War I, he attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, graduating in 1919.  He then went to China as a teacher and famine relief worker (1919-1921).  He earned his bachelor’s degree from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1924 and was ordained for the ELC on a call to China.  He served as a missionary in Madagascar (1926-31).  While there, he met his wife, Constance Stolee; they were married in 1928 and had five children.  He was field secretary for the NLCA Board of Foreign Missions (1932-47) and director of the ELC Missionary Education Department (1944-48).  Meanwhile, he obtained the Master of Theology from Luther Seminary (1936).  Upon completion of his PhD from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey (1948), he became professor of mission and world religions at Luther Seminary, holding that post for 21 years (1948-1968).  He also taught at Martin Luther Seminary, Papua New Guinea (1969, 1972-73, 1978, and 1982); Natal, South Africa (1970); Benagaria, India (1980-81); and China and Hong Kong (1983).  He was editor of The Messenger (Madagascar, 1929-1931) and The Missionary (U.S., 1938-49) and authored several books.  He died August 25, 1993.

Scope and Content

This collection contains personal papers of Andrew S. Burgess and related materials in a variety of formats.

BIOGRAPHICAL FILE:  Photographs, memorial service programs, obituaries, copies of articles both by and about Burgess, magazine clippings, and interview transcript (1987).

PAPERS COLLECTION:  Papers from committees on which he served.  Correspondence with missionaries (1946-60); international students; and others from throughout his life.  Lectures on ethics.  Materials from commissioning services which he conducted.  Hardcover and paperback books in Swahili, including a New Testament, hymnbooks, Luther’s Small Catechism, and grammar books.  A 45-rpm record: Musica Nova Africana.  Wire recording spools.  An embroidered piece of leather.  Pictures from missionary retreats, including photographic negatives.

Folder List

Shinto – The indigenous religion of the Japanese
The Lutherans and the Indian
Continuing Education in the ELC of Papua New Guinea *
Royal Redeemer Lutheran – Mendota Heights, MN *
Grace Lutheran – Hanlantown, Iowa
M – Missions club, 1961
Seminary Missions committee – 60’s
Radio committee, 1937-1953
International Students Studies committee  80’s
Burgess Retirement  1970
Ethics Lectures
American Missions Course Objectives, & Biblical Exam, 1956-1961
Correspondence with Missionaries, 1946-1960
Correspondence with Norway  1962
Correspondence with India  - 60’s
Correspondence and papers: 1917-1920; 40’s – 60’s; 70’s & 80’s
Overseas Students at Luther in the 50’s & 60’s
Correspondence to and with International students:
            E. Andriamandroso - Madagascar     
S. Devaprased – Tamil Church
            L. Dlamini – Natal
            K. Ichiyama – Japan
            T. Jadtun  - Norway
            M. Kilevo – Tanzania
            S. Kishii - Japan         
Tien Min Kung – Taiwan
            S. Moshi – Tanzania
            P. Mchlungu – South Africa  see M. Ngema
            N. Minz – India  see M. Samuel
            M. Moyo – Rhodesia *
            E. Mshana – Tanzania *
            M. Ngema – South Africa     
R.  Ngota – Tanzania
            D. Nimcir – Nigeria *
            S. Njowi - Tanzania
            T. Oshiba – Japan
            K. Sato – Japan *
            M. Samuel - India      
E. Schlieper – Brazil
J. Sigamani & J. Sinaga - India
F. Sianipar A. Simandjuntak, & P. Situmeang – Indonesia
K. Tschai – Ethiopia
Burgess Correspondence with names listed Alphabetically  B-Z (not all letters present)
Misc. file
Pictures from Missionary Retreats
Commissioning services conducted by A.B. with pictures
Colored Negatives

* = material first listed, but can’t find when cataloging the box.  WT  3/1/2011