Edward Anders Sovik (1918-2014)

Biographical Sketch

Edward A. Sovik was born June 9, 1918 in Honan, China.  His parents were missionaries from America; he lived his first seventeen years in China.  After graduating from St. Olaf College (Northfield, Minnesota, 1939), he studied art in New York with the Art Students League (1939-40).  He then spent three semesters at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, 1940-41) before enlisting in the Marine Corps, in which he served as a pilot in the Pacific theater for four years. Ed married Genevieve Hendrickson in 1946. She died in 2000. He married Anne Running in 2001. After obtaining the M.Arch. from Yale (1949), he began an architectural practice in Northfield, Minnesota.  His design portfolio includes roughly 400 churches as well as other buildings.  He was the founding director and president of the Interfaith Research Center for Religion and Architecture; director of the Liturgical Conference for six years; director of Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota for six years; president of Minnesota Society American Institute of Architects (1977); and president of the Minnesota Architectural Foundation (1985).  He is the author of several books, including Spirituality and Architecture, Architectural Esthetics and the Church, and Accessible Church Buildings.  He is the subject of Architecture for Worship, a documentary film showcasing several of his church designs.  He is a recipient of the Gold Medal form the Minnesota Society AIA (1982), the Godfrey Diekmann Award from the American Academy of Liturgy (2008), an honorary doctorate from Concordia College (1981), and many other honors.  He retired in 1996.

Scope and Content

The collection contains materials relating to the architectural career of Edward A. Sovik.

BIOGRAPHICAL FILE:  Correspondence, vita, Luther Seminary enrollment card, magazine clippings, photocopied articles, architectural drawings, and thirteen photographic slides of St. Olaf chapel.

PAPERS COLLECTION:  Journal articles, short monographs, addresses, lectures, speeches, and conference materials by Sovik himself; also articles and presentations by others, particularly on matters of liturgy.  Handwritten notes, architectural sketches, and blueprints.  Testmony at legislative hearings.  Bibliographies of church architecture.  Materials regarding the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, including correspondence.  Proposals and other materials concerning church building projects.

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Folder 1
Elements of the Christian Tradition in Building
Designing the Baptismal Vessel   4-95
Translations (new conversation)
Sitting Proper   2-91
Secretary of Interior – standards for Historical preservation projects  ‘89
AIA/FRAA Affiliation  ‘78
Architecture with the Legislators  ‘77
Testimony at Legislative hearings, 2-78
Testimony at Legislative hearings 1-79
Testimony at Registration Board Hearing  11-77
Testimony at Legislative hearing  3-79
Testimony at Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Services  8-77
Proposal for Change in MN Registration laws  5-77
Building Official Institute  1-78
Whither Thou   1988 National Endowment for the Arts
Gold medal Response  10-82   LB
Seminar on Professional Responsibility  9-80
Comments on Values or Membership in Professional Society
Professionalism  3-83    Registration Board Seminar
Notes on licensing Interior Designers  2-88
Folder 2
Garments for the body of Christ
Slide Presentation  - Liturgical Space
The Space of Worship  1979
The Mirror of the Church  ‘87
Portals of Transcendence  ‘83
The Architecture of Faith  2-89
On Kneeling in Worship  7-97
Making a Eucharistic Table  6-94
Metaphors of faith  ‘02
Some comments on Church lighting  10-90
7 reasons for flexible spaces of worship  9-92
Notes on Church acoustics
Notes on Sacred Space  (Christian Century )  3-82
The Design Process
7 views of Architecture as Art  10-83
Folder 3
Speech at St. Leo’s  no date
Spiritual spaces  symbol and ritual  10-93
IFRAA  9-91  Columbus, IN
Living on the High Wire   5-92
The environment for sight, sound and action   Dialog 6-86
Portals of Transcendence    Methodist conference  St. Oaf, 7-83
A generation of Change in Church Architecture  1-79
Tea and Sincerity   for The Liturgical Arts
The Theologian as Architect   6-76
Letter to Good Shepherd, Moorhead MN  on chancel changes  9-01
Letter concerning chapel at Methodist Hospital  11-99
Spirituality and Craft  AFRAA  10-92
Acoustics in the Church Building   7-87
Notes on Floor surfaces for Church buildings  7-79   Vine Life
Notes on Floor surfaces for Church Basements  7-87
Sitting Proper   Notes on seating for the Assembly  10-90
Notes on Builders Fees  7-91
Choosing decision makers for a Church’s Building program  3-79  Vine Life
An orderly Journey   The processing of Environment and Art
Notes on Sacred Space  3-82  Christian Century
What makes a Building Religion?  1-82
Church Architecture:  A public Language  8-78
Architecture, Esthetics, the Church
Folder 4
Sittler, Joseph – “Achievement & Values in Architecture  8-67
Callahan, Daniel  “Response to Joe Sittler
Thomas Matthews “Problem of Religious Content in Contemporary Art  8-79
“The Empty Cradle”    -Frontiers  9-59
Protestantism and Architecture  - Theology Today
George Kelm  “The Lord’s Supper in the N,.T.  12-62
Martin Heineken, “Faith’s Affirmations  5-59
Martin Heineken, “Theology and Architecture 
“Tillich on Religious Content in Modern Art  8-66
Edward Frey  “Renewing the Architectural image of the Church  ’67  LCA
Eugene Brand  Prelude to Building a Church  Luth. Society of Wor, Music & Arts  5/67
Alvin Beachy, “Worship as the Celebration & Covenant Incarnation  3-65
Gordon Chamberlin -Principles for Discussion  6-63
Joseph Sittler  “The complex road to Simplicity
Sovik  “The Faith our Forms express  4-64
Fundamentals for Church Builders   9-61
Folder 5
Fundamentals for Church Builders   YOUR CHURCH  9-61  Dup?
The Faith our forms express   4-64   dup?
A guide for planning Lutheran church buildings  12-62
Article in GLASS  4-68  p. 24
Article in FAITH AND FORM  p 8
Article in YOUR CHURCH p.36   11—73
Article in THE LUTHERAN 11-86  (quoted)
4 Articles in WORLD ENCOUNTER  4-68
Article in MODERN LITURGY  p.8  9-94
Article in DODGE CONSTRU CTION NEWS  p.18  8-67
Article in YOUR CHURCH  p.16  7-67
Article in MODRN LITURGY  p.46  11-93
Sovik  Architectural Economist  5-76
Architecture Minnesota
Article in NEW YORK TIMES  7-68 
Architectural Esthetics and the Church   dup?
From  LUTHERANS IN STEP   1-80  “It’s a restaurant – No it’s a church
From SPECTATOR  5-86  “A nice part of the world”
From Wichita EAGLE  4-79  “Church buildings now reflect new values”
From Sacramento BEE  8-67 Architect raps Construction Designs
Sacramento – Church Buildings called Profane
From CUTTIONG EDGE  7-78  Church Architecture – a public language
A New Design for a small college   St. Olaf High Rise Dorms
Folder 6
Spirituality and Architecture – St. John’s Abbey, 9-79
Images of the Church  - Wartburg Seminary  2-67
For the First Community Church, Columbus   4-89
Metaphors of Faith  - House of Hope, St. Paul  2-83
Comments on the design of a place of worship  12-77
Church and Architecture – a public language  1-80
The Mirror of the Church  6-88
The architectural process  4-76
Portals of Transcendence  -Bangor Seminary  4-83
Comments on the Architecture of a place of Worship  trinity Seminary 1-78
Folder 7
Changing Theological perspectives in Church architecture  - Gettysburg Sem.  5-80
Liturgical arts guild of Ohio  3-82
The Mirror of the Church  Milwaukee AIA  4-88
The Mirror of the Church  variation of above
The legacy of Cyrus M. Running  2-84
The reformation comes to church architecture  82 or 84  ALC Worship staff
Garments for the Body of Christ  -Nat’l Conf of the Assoc of Diocesan liturgy & music 11-86
Folder 8
About St. Olaf faculty  8-86
Notes in favor of a paper Art Collection  St. Olaf  9-91  David Johnson
Arnold Flaten – What was his program for the art department?   11-88
Architecture for hymn singing  5-89
5 easy pieces:  Notes on General Education  9-88
Dedication of chapel at United Hospital, St. Paul  10-80
Review:  Church Architecture: Building and renovating for Christian worship/James & Susan
            White  10-88
The Family Reunion (for Anglican and Episcopal History)  ca. 1990
Review: A Short account of early Muslim Architecture  Cresswell & Allan  1989
Heating the Water (for Baptism)
Notes on the American Scene
Kunst und Kirche  (?)
Review:  Body memory and Architecture  by Bloomer ;& Moore  1977
Ecumenism and High Art  8-78
For Reformed Liturgy and Music  2-82
For Christian Century  Notes on Sacred Space  3-82
The processes of Environment and Art   6-79  Marquette U
Images of the Church   for Worship  2-67
Metaphors of Faith   House of Hope  2-83
Folder 9
Reflections on Theology and the Architecture of Church Buildings  Summit UM Church  9-80
St. John’s Lutheran, Mpls.  1-83   Rev. 21:1-5
Asbury UM  Delaware OH  10-84
The Theology of the Church Building  Church of the Nativity  Fargo ND  ;7-79
The NT on places of Divine encounter   St. John’s Church 11-80
New Ventures Christian Church  7-86  Rev. 21:1-5
Asbury UM  Delaware OH  10-84
A Garment for the Body of Christ,  Willmette Luth Ch, Willmette, IL  10-85
Mt. Zion Temple, St. Paul  5-87
Corpus Christi  2-87
Notes on Turner’s Ritual, Tribal and Catholic, U of M. ;1976
A Generation of change in Church Architecture  1-79   St. John’s Summer Grad School 8-76
            Sovik, Regan, Dworshak
Folder 10
Religion, the
Arts and Human Liberation,  Ames IA  1-77
The processes of Environment and Art,  Marquette U  6-79
Secular Building as the architecture of Faith  10-03
Abandoning the catalogs  6-79
Building a quality environment or a transition to the Universe  1-73
Metaphors of Faith:  Religious Values in the Designed Environment   Bethel U.  4-79
What does Art have to do with Religion?  9-74
Aphorisms, Definitions, Citations   10-92    (For E.A. Sovik)
What makes Architecture Good?   St. Paul  12-71
Introduction to a book on Religious Architecture  7-65
Ambiance of spaces for Christians  4-78
Folder 11
Newsletters (excerpts), 49, 50, 51,.53 
Architecture as the Mirror of Religious Conviction  3-90
The Mirror of the Church  1991
Notes on Art  33
Architects with the Legislators  4-77
Dedication of the bust of C.M. Running  5-78  Concordia
Reflection on Architectural currents  1-86
From Liturgy, Vol 5 #4  Dressing the Church  86
Misc letters:  Ralph Rapson, Keith Rood, Don Hassenstab, RJ Newhaus, The Diapason, John
Eberhard, Cal Eichorst, Mary Jo Aegerter
Vita of E.A. Sovik
Cosmology, Ecology and Sacred Architecture  Seyed Hossein Nasr  4-92
Folder 12
Gold Medal Response   Lutheran Brotherhood, 10-82
What makes a Building Religious?   Architecture Minnesota  11-88
The relationship between Chair and Ambo – The Architects’ view St. Meinrad’s Archabbey 3-66
Introduction to an Exhibit of Religious Architecture  9-67   Congress on Religion
Reflection on the Design of St. James Church 
The 20th Century Renewal Changes the Architecture of Churches  4-99
Some General Commentary on the 1967 Liturgical Conference Architecture Submissions
Metaphors of Faith  12-80
Notes on the Stained Glass for Bethesda Chapel  6-80
Notes on Church Basements  7-87
The Relation between Baptisty and Nave – The Architect’s view- St. Meinrad’s  3-66
Comments on the Liturgical Conference Cultic Arts Competition  1967
Four ways of Glazing Church Windows   3-68
Lutheran Encyclopedia  - Church Architecture 
Folder 13
Liturgical Art and the New Churches    - Advent “Response”  1959
St. John’s Minneapolis  Rev. 21:1-5, 9-26   1-83
IFRAA  Columbus, IN  9-91
Christian Commitment and the Practice of Architecture  ?late 70’s
An Orderly Journey  The processes of environment and Art  -
Monographs  1 =- What is a church
            2 –What is the Christian Congregation?        
            3 –Where is the presence of God?
            4 – Can a building remind us of Christmas?
            5 – What is meant by participation?
            6 – What is the Baptistry, and where should it be?
            7 – What is the altar?
            8 – What is Tradition?
            9 – Where should the Tabernacle be?
            10 – Can Architecture be a witness to Easter?
            11 – What is the Ambo?
            12 – What are the parts of a Church Building?
            13 – What do we mean by “Celebrating Mass?”
            14 – Should there be pews and kneelers in our place of worship?
            15 – What does Beauty have to do with Worship?
            16 – Where is the focus of a church building?
            17 – What do Christians mean by :Servanthood?”
            18 –What about “flexibility” in the planning of church buildings?
            19 – What is a symbol?
            20 – What are the “practical” issues in Remodeling?
Spirituality and Architecture  - St. John’s Abbey  9-79
5 letters
Remodeling sketch for Normandale Lutheran – Edina  6-95
Folder 14   By others
God is in the Bluebrints  - Tim Stafford   Christianity Today  7-98
How Long?   Robert Jensen   Dialog  1-90
The Architectural Situation: The achievement of Values in Architecture   Joe Sittler,
From    The Life of Christopher Wren
How Buildings Mean    - Paul Goodman
Past Tense Present  - Ditmanson lecture 2002
The Shape of the Church’s Response in Worship   - Joe Sittler  Oberlin 10-57
The Church and Contemporary Culture   Paul Tillich  6-55
The Military Chapel as Non-Ecclesiastical Space   Jack Six, Carl Flick   -81
Do Christian Churches have Sacred Space or are the Hungarian Reformed Right?
            David Holmes  5-93     and coprrespondence
7 Stanzsas at Easter….John Updike
Folder 15  - Uncertain authorship
A Procession of Traditions  5-93
Suwon Wall:  A Choson King’s Filian Tribute
Proposal for Baptismal Service
Architects Conference  5-59     Draft
Prospectus for an Exhibit and a Book    ’67 Congress on Religion
Ecumenical Institute at Bossey  2-59
Articles by others (mostly)  1982-1990


Box 2 


Folder 1   Materials for Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions
  1. Comments on Guidelines for Art and Architecture
  2. Outline for “Environment and Art in Catholic Worship  -‘76
  3. 3 page memorandum by Bishop ??? Procedures for repair, renovation or building
  4. St. Paul Archdiocese document  31 pp
  5. Baptism – Drafts 2,3
  6. The setting for Confirmation
  7. Sacrament of Marriage
  8. Sacrament of Penance
  9. The Architectural process  -’76   EAS
  10. The Gathering of the Community  -the entrance  EAS
  11. The potential of places and things  EAS  ’75   2 drafts
  12. Systems and prefab buildings   EAS  ‘75
  13. Addendums on multi-use places    EAS
  14. The Sacred Meal   EAS – ‘75
  15. Architectural arrangements for music  ‘75
  16. The Sacrament of Anointing of the sick    James Notebaart
  17. An outline of visual elements encountered at death and Christian burial – Notebaart
  18. The Liturgy of the Word    EAS  ‘74
  19. Sound amplification  ’75  EAS
  20. Acoustic quality   EAS
  21. Selecting Decision-makers and Architects   EAS
Folder 2
  1. Vita
  2. Letters of congratulations – appointment as Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.  
  3. Intentions of Northwest Architect  - EAS  ca 1930?
  4. Handwritten notes for article, ca. 1955
  5. “Firm and Consultant Capabilities   Vita of EAS and Steven Edwins
  6. Art as a Kerygmatic enterprise  EAS  ‘66
  7. Architecture as the Vehicle of Kerygma  (for Baptist S.S. Board) ‘66
  8. Lecture at Boston University, 1982   16 pp
  9. Handwritten notes on church Design
  10. Handwritten notes on roads on a campus (Luther)
  11. Handwritten notes on site for music building – Luther College
  12. Statement of Principles regarding the Architecture of the Church  EAS – ‘85
  13. Restoration and Design philosophy  1 p.
  14. Forward to Modern Architecture and Christian Celebration by F. Debuyat
  15. Variation on a theme  - the Moongate as symbol
Folder 3
  1.  Notes on stained glass for Bethesda Chapel  ‘80
  2. Dedication of bust of C.M. Running – Concordia College  -78
  3. Talk at South Dakota AIA conference  ’77   13 pp
  4. Speech at Wisconsin Masonry Institute  ’80   12 pp
  5. Handwritten notes  for Midway Kiwanis  ‘80
  6. Artists Equity Assoc. ‘78
  7. Stained Glass Assoc. ’87  Corning, NY
  8. High Rise Residences on a Low Rise Campus  from College & Univ. Business ‘66
  9. Introduction to a book on Religious Architecture  10 pp
Folder 4   -Bibliography of Churches – Church architecture
  1. 11 noteworthy churches  EAS
  2.  Twenty Modern Churches  -author unknown
  3. A Bibliography on Architecture for the Church  - Herbert W. Johe  ‘58
  4. Books to read  2 pp
  5. Guide to worship buildings in Twin Cities, U.S.   12 pp
  6. Handwritten notes  ’89   EAS
  7. Some notes on the work of SMSQ   EAS  ’93 (Sovik, Mathre, Sathrum, Quanbeck)
  8. Seven reasons for flexible places of worship   EAS  ‘82
  9. Sitting proper.   Notes of seating for the Assembly  Albuquerque ’90  EAS   12pp
  10. Spirituality and Craft  EAS  ‘92
  11. Bibliography for Church planning and building  /by Eugene Wukasch  13pp
  12. Supplementary listing for Bibliography for church planning and building  4pp
  13. A Brief Bibliography on Church Architecture.  Presby. Church U.S.  1965 6pp
  14. Selected Reading List on Art, Architecture, Liturgy and Religion  ’67 4pp
  15. Bibliography by SMSQ 4pp ‘84
  16. Space for Baptism  Bibliography  S. Anita Stauffer
  17. Inclusive Language and Liturgy (bibliography), Jean Campbell, ’86  3pp
  18. Reading in the Arts  (p. 10 & 11)
  19. ’84 Inter-Lutheran Annual Worship Consultation  -Environment and Art for Worship
  20. Guild for Religious Architecture  ’72 bibliography
  21. Yale Divinity School  Church Architecture Bibliography  4pp
  22. Information Service – NCC  1964 Building for the Christian Faith in Secular Culture
Folder 5   Misc. Liturgical Materials
  1. Talk for Boston AGO  ‘90
  2. Proposed order of the Liturgy by Clifford Swanson, St. O. 
  3. Worship Proposals from Northfield ALC churches   5pp
  4. Quotes on Worship   various authors
  5. In praise of Excess  Christian Century, 10-19-83  William Willimon
  6. Search for Resacralization by Keith Watkins  10-22-1969  16pp
  7. Ritual in Human Society  Keith Watkins   16 pp 1969
  8. Architecture and the Arts in Relation to Worship,  Walter A. Taylor, ’54  AIA
  9. The Cleansing of the Temple, Garrett Seminary, 1962 Wm. Wenzler, AIA 9pp
  10. Liturgical Art – the 4th R  R.H. Mutrux   ’65  2 pp
  11. The Architecture of Churches – some doubts and hopes   Julius Shulman 5pp ‘69
  12. The essence of designing a Synagogue  Percival Goodman,  ‘67
  13. 10 years after the Liturgy Constitution, a promise is a promise is a promise – from Living Worship 11-73
  14. Religious Architecture: A New Renaissance in U.S.  Harold Wagoner, ‘73
  15. Heaven can’t Wait, The transcendent in the Everyday, Robert Rambusch, ’74 8 pp
  16. Current Documentation on the Ambo, Archdiocese of Boston ‘90
  17.   A few notes and thoughts about our corporate worship space, M.L. Kretzman
Folder 6  Misc. Liturgical Materials
  1. An apology for Variable Liturgical Space,    W. Seth Adams
  2.  A Report to Board-Faculty on Seminary Development, Rob. Roth ‘62
  3. Church Design and Life today  EAS; comments by Paul Allen
  4. The Two Moralities:  Works and Grace; Marvin Halverson  5 pp
  5. Accent on Worship, Music, the Arts, Mar-Apr, ’73
  6. Accent – Nov- Dec ‘73
  7. The Divine Condominium  Gay Nagle
  8. Diversity and multiplicity in the parish use of space.  Robert Rambusch
  9. Pastoral Comments – The New Ritual of Adult Initiation…Joseph Cunningham
  10. The State of the Liturgy, Father McManus ‘72
  11. The Environment of Worship,  John P. Barry 6-74  Liturgical newsletter
  12. Building a Church  -Liturgical newsletter
  13. A Guide for Planning Lutheran Church Buildings,  EAS’62, AIA Journal
  14. Post Religious Churches, Peter Smith 5-74
  15. A Place to Work and Pray,  Rob. Roth (Northwestern Chapel)
  16. Ministries in the Community and in the Liturgy, Aidan Kavanagh ‘72
  17. Inland Architect  9-75
  18. Quotes or Paragraphs taken from Documents & Writings relating to the Liturgy 37pp
Folder 7   Misc. Presentations
  1. “Garments for the Body of Christ  -Nat’l Forum on Worship, Chicago 1-84  21pp.
  2. “Christian Commitment and the Practice of Architecture”    undated   5 pp.
  3. “Other thoughts about Worship and Honor”  - undated   4pp
  4. “Footprints of the Church”  San Diego, 3-13-92  25pp.
  5. “A Procession of Traditions”  McLean VA,. 5-93   27 pp.
  6. “Shelter and Symbol”  San Diego, Christ Church 3-92   16pp
  7. “A Patient Search”  5-93  20 pp.
  8. FDLC paper: “Selecting Decision-Makers and Architects  3-76  8 pp.
  9. “Church Architecture – A Public Language:  1-80  18 pp
  10. IFRAA, 2-80   16pp.
  11. Explanation of worship service  4 pp
Folder 8  Brochures & Worship orders
  1. Worship at Boe Chapel, Lent 1-3 and Palm Sunday 1961
  2. Trinity- Mason City; Luther Memorial, Madison WI; Grace, Hatfield, PA;   Shepherd of the Hills, Hopkins, MN; St. James , Lake Forest, IL;  St. Raphael, Springfield, OH;
  3. Christmas Festival, St. Olaf, 1953
  4. Funeral service, Archbishop Leo Binz  1979
  5. Christmas greeting to EAS
Folder 9  Presentations by EAS
Making the Eucharistic Table  11-92
Fundamentals for Church Builders   undated
Discourse on Church Architecture   undated
Cutting the Garment for the Body of Christ  1-60
Comments on the Design of a Place of Worship   12-77
A portfolio of Reflections   for Stephens College   undated
Reflections of the Fellowship of the Saints   undated
Architecture as a Place of Worship   4-66
Faith and Form   undated
What is a Church?  4-64
The Illusion of Theater and the Illusion of Architecture  9-69
Some notes on Triumphalism in Architec ture (For Living Worship)  11-69
A Concrete Catafalque  9-69
What is a Christian Congregation   undated
Seven views of Architecture as Art   10-83
Abandoning the Catalogs  6-79
Folder 10
Restoration and Design Philosophy
Architecture for Hymn Singing  5-89   7 pp
Editorial for Response
Comments on the Choice of an Organ Builder
Communiaversity – The Legacy of Cyrus M. Running  2-84
Comments on St. Olaf professors  10-86  to Ted Johnson
Stained Glass Association  6-87
AIA/IFRAA Affiliation  8-88
Acoustics in the Church Building  7-87
Some comments on church Lighting  10-90
Comments on how SMSG can serve Lutheran Brotherhood  70’s
Some notes on Flags in the Centrum  10-72
Comments on the Architecture of Religion  9-70
An inner City Church   3-70
The return to the Non-Church  6-72
The Architectural Process  4-76
Talk at SD AIA convention  ‘77
Folder 11
Propositions for discussion  I & II
Gold Medal Response  10-82
Architecture as a Servant     10 short articles
The Building and the Music  11-86
The Prophetic Architecture for Churches
St. Catherine’s  The Church in Transition  9-66
Environment and Art in Catholic Worship
Magazine – The Hymn, a Journal of Congregational Song  7-90
Christian Century  3-82  Focus on Religion and the Arts
Folder 12
Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions commentary on “environment and Art in
            Catholic worship.”     99pp.      two versions  by EAS
Folder 13
Audio notes for : A House for the Church”  Signs speak of mystery; Times change, people
change,  Furniture of the House for the Church, Celebrating Sacraments and the Praising Arts, The Building as Witness
Misc and uncatalogued letters letters and notes
Folder 14
 Uncatalogued articles (many seem to be duplicates found elsewhere)
Folder 15
Blueprints and architectural sketches
Folder 16
Materials relating to a Proposal anr a Center for Interfaith Research on Religious Architecture
Folder 17
Materials concerning library at Concordia College – Morehead
Correspondence with Sewell Mathre
Financial Statements Northfield Architects, 1952
Misc. correspondence, 1971-1973
Correspondence about Urness Hall – St. Olaf
Second Annual Mellby Memorial lecture – Harold Ditmanson 4-85
A Trajectory of Change in Liturgical Architecture
LWF “WorshipNet” 10-94
Notes on the Calling of an Architect
Liturgy Network  Autumn 2002
Rare Book Room at Luther Seminary
Notes and envelopes and air letters from Hong Kong ‘61



Box 3 


Folder 1
Articles and talks by Edward A. Sovik  - a list of 81, location in these boxes not known
1971  17 short pieces on shape of the church building
1998  12 short unrelated pieces on church architecture
Cannon Valley Collegium – 1999
Presentation at Wisconsin Masonry Institute 3-80   12pp
Paper by Gerhard Cartford for Luther Sem Faculty seminar 5-77 Non-verbal communication
Paper by Hans Kuizenga at Claremont:  “Does God make you angry?”
Audience of Liturgical Space –consultation Office of Worship plus UPCUSA
IFRAA 4-80   European Perspective
Perspective on 8 Twin Cities Churches
Thoughts on Stewardship, Ministries, Acoustic Quality
Folder 2
Mainly correspondence – Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, 1976-1977
Folder 3
Communication concerning a building at Waldorf College 1998
Folder 4
Propositions for discussion  5 pp
Q&A – for Tempo, 6-69
An Approach to church Building
Liturgical Arts and the Modern Church 3-59 – Church Architecture Conference
Church Design and Life today – St. Leo’s, Pipestone
Chapel talk, St. Olaf, 5-58
What is a Modern Church?  What makes a good modern church?
Programming for Theaters  4-69
Perspectives in the Architecture of Religion
A Layman looks at the church – What’s going on in Church Design – St. Johns, Nrfld
Notes to accompany Westwood’s New Candelabrum
Review of : New Trends in Church Architecture by Justus Dahinden
Introduction to seminar:  The Liturgy of the Worship Space.
Notes on Symbols and Spaces – St. Peter’s church, NYC, 3-71
Architecture as Symbol – the space of celebration, -Cranwell School, 8-71
Church Design and Life today…Waterloo, Ontario, 3-72
The Architectural Requirements of Liturgical Space,  4-71   Detroit conference
Alternatives to Church Building…Duke, 3-95    2 versions
Common Clothing.   Stephens college 10-72
FDLC  Detroit   10-72
Folder 5
Kunst und Kirche –A report on the American Scene 1972
The return to the Non-church
Inter-Lutheran Conference on worship   Architectural considerations  10-72
Inter Lutheran conference on worship  6-73  The Place of Worship: Environment for Action
An Approach to the Architecture of a Church College
Sermon- Stephen’s college 3-74  Mt. 5:17-20
Report on Jerusalem Congress on Religion 9-73  :”Sacrality, Place and Symbol
Church Architectural Guild of America Newsletters, 25,26 & 27  ’61.’62.’63
Luther Sem, 10-65  Piety in Worship & Architecture
Images of the Parish church, NY  11-66
Some misc. papers …no theme
Folder 6
St. Olaf Chapel talk  9-73
“A few2 more notes about Centrums  2-74
Review of “New Churches” by Reinhard Gieselmann   1972
Luther Sem.  The Places of Worship  (G.Cartford’s class on worship)
Notes on Art and Architecture
Thoughts on Problems and Possibilities of the C.A.G.A.  4-61
The Prophetic Architecture and the Churches
Notes on the Common Service  5-67
Untitled by EAS 
Prospectus for an Exhibit and a Book  for ’67 Congress on Religion, Arch. & Visual arts. ‘67
2 Book reviews: Phoenix at Coventry- the building of a Cathedral by Sir Basil Spence
                        Modern Church Architecture by Christ-Janer & Mary Mix Foley   ‘62
Folder 7
Architecture for Hymn Singing   for The Hymn 7-90
Draft of “Liturgical Renewal 10-78
Letter to Dr. Ewald, Wartburg Seminary concerning chapel changes 12-60
A Christopher Wren Symposium
Word and Worship  7-87
Notes on the Role of Consultants  5-86  
Worship Consensus  Gordon Lathrop 10-84
Notes for a talk  handwritten  undated
Metaphors of Faith  4-85   Columbus , OH
Correspondence   AIA
The Incomplete Architect   Robert Bliss and John Flynn
EAS – AIA’s Committee on Religious Buildings (or Religious Architecture)
Correspondence – Northwest Architect
Handwritten – Principles for the development of liturgy; Questions for discussion; Olivet men’s
club – ‘64
Folder 8
Correspondence from Liturgical Conference to Guild for Religious Architecture    ’69-73
Correspondence  - Guild for Religious Architecture
Correspondence – Japan Lutheran Church
Correspondence -  Misc
Folder 9
 Memories of an Amateur Marine  sections 1 and 4-19
Folder 10 –Binder -- Articles on the Church and Arts   by others
The Church, the Arts and Contemporary Culture –Dept of Worship and the Arts – NCC
This Architecture the Church needs,  Samuel H. Miller
Of Time and the Church,  Philip A. Wills, Jr
The Role of Theology in Church Architecture,  9-57 
Arts and Religion, Emil Cammaerts, ecumenical Institute, Bossey, 4-53
Religious Education and the Design of Protestant Churches, J. Gordon Chamberlin
The Architect and the Church, 3-60, Ecumenical Institute, WCC
Structural Form in the Service of Eloquent Architecture,  Dr. Felix Candela, 4-64
Fundamentals for Church Builders,  EASovik, 4-61
A Place for the Preaching of the Word,  James A. Whyte, 4-63
The Ecumenical Building,  Rudolf Schwarz
Trends in Worship, Commission on Worship, NCC  5-61
Liturgy and Architecture, Andre Bieler,  8-61
Church Building and Liturgy in the Protestant Church, Otto H. Senn, Lucerne Conf. 8-61
Responsibility of the Artist,  Jacques Maritain, ‘60
Mission Project Case History,  Norman Madson
Silent Voices,  Sewell Mathre
God, Space and Architecture, Robert Jensen,  epiphany ‘67
Flags in the church, various views…EAS and others
Folder 11
What is Religious architecture?
The Physical Renewal of our Churches, LSWMA, Northfield, 6-66
A Guide for Planning Lutheran Church Buildings, 12-62 Journal of AIA
Letters to Westwood Lutheran, Mpls
The Faith our Forms Express, 3-66
Fundamentals for Church Builders
Symbolism in the Modern Church, ‘60
Reflections on the Fellowship of the Saints
The Prophetic Designers
Liturgical Art and the new Churches,  Advent “Response”, 1959
Cutting the garment for the Body of Christ, 1-60
Making the Eucharistic Table,  Modern Liturgy, 9-94
A Statement of P0rianciples regarding church architecture and the design of worship space and
its furnishings”
Renovation Education Supplement – Where is the Presence of God?
Folder 12
List of Sovik Churches, consultations and designs, Vita
The Return of the non-Church, Journal of the Guild for Religious Architecture, 9-82
Tea and Sincerity – Liturgical Arts
The Design Process
Remembrance and Hope  - for Faith and Form
Silent Song – Carleton College, 10-2003
What is Religious Architecture?
The Architecture of Kerygma 2-66
Architectural Esthetics and the Church 1-66
ARC  10-78
The Life of Christopher Wren
8 ½ x 11 pictures
Folder 13 AIA events and materials
Beauty is Back – Peter Schjeldahl
1966 in Deutsch, Ekumenische Diskussion  “Eine Theologie der Architektur” –EAS
1966 Conseil Orcumenique Des Eglises, “Une theologie de l’architecture” par EAS
The Theological Situation: The Achievement of Values in Architecture – Joseph Sittler
“Bathed in Light: An Art Guild Creates Spiritual Energy in church” Diane Ostby Peterson
The Neocapitalist employment Crisis,  Robert Bellah  Christian Century 7;31-96
Reformation is still Needed,  EAS  Lutheran Standard 10-66
Folder, ’67 International Congress on Religion, Architecture and the Visual Arts
Folder 14   Materials by  EAS and others
Beauty is back – Peter Schjeldahl
Minnesota Architectural Foundation, Ralph Rapson traveling fellowship
Okumenische discussion 1966 article in Deutsch by EAS, A theology of Architecture
Council Oecumenique Des Eglises, A theology of Architecture in French by EAS
Tkhe Theological Situation: The achievement of values in Architecture by Joseph Sittler
Bathed in Light: book proposal by Diane Ostby Peterson
The Neocapitalist Employment Crisis – Robert Bellah  Christian Century, 7-1996
Reformation is still Needed, EAS, Lutheran Standard, 10-66
1967 program for International Congress on Religion, Architecture and the Visual Arts
16 page Bibliography: Architecture for the Church; Books and Periodical literature
4 page Supplementary listing for Bibliography for Church Planning and Buildings
Response,Vol VII, 1966, “What is Religious Architecture?” EAS
Issues in Christian in Christian Education, Fall 2006, EAS cited on p. 14
Fragment from Worship, Vol.l 41, #6, 1969; Tegels: Liturgy and Culture
“Eulogy?” for Frank Kacmarcik, EAS
Misc. pieces
Folder 15 
A new design for a small college -1963 @ U of M.  About St. Olaf’s high rise dorms  15pp
Comments on the Church and community service.  Seattle, 1963
Lutheran Encyclopedia article on Church Architecture, 1963  22 pp
Editorial for Response  undated
Church Design and the Communication of Religious Faith – Architectural Record, 12/60
3 Letters to a Church from their Architect from Protestant Church, 11-61
Fundamentals for Church Builders,  fromYour Church,  Fall, 1961
New Visions for Church Builders,  from Church Management, 10-61
The Shape of our Places of worship,  from The Council News,  4,5 – 1961
The Faith our Forms Express, @ CAGA-DCBA, Dallas, 4-64   21pp
            Same speech printed in Protestant Church Buildings, 5-64
Reflections on Westwood Lutheran Church,  ’64   4 pp
For a CAGA newsletter, 10-64
What is a Church?  @Commission on Worship and Music – ALC, 9-64  13pp
The Christian convictions of a Contemporary Architect, Lutheran Standard, 7-65


Box 4 

Folder 1
The Role of the Architect in Liturgical Renewal  2-’65  Liturgical Conference
            Edited article in Church Architecture  The Shape of Reform ‘65
Book Review: Architecture and the Church by LCMS Commission Book News Letter ‘10/65
A Portfolio of Reflections for Stephens College
The Relationship between the Chair and the Ambo – The Architect’s view  13pp
The Relation between Baptism and Nave – The Architect’s View   8 pp
Images of the Church  for Worship  2-67   17pp
A Theology of Architecture,  Study Encounter (WCC) ‘66
A Portfolio of Reflections (Northfield, MN UME church), fall ‘67
Bulletin of the Liturgical Conference, 10/67  p.5 Comments on ’67 Awards competition
The Valley of Decision,  from Dodge Construction News, 8-67
Folder 2
The Building and the Music  - address at AGO Central OH, 10/66 from Diapason, 3-67
            Pre-publication text.  21pp
A Celebration of Truth,  from Mine One 1-67
Art, a Proclamation  from Mine One 2-67
Discourse…a Review of the Liberal Arts  1967
A Theology of Architecture,  from Study encounter, 1966 (WCC)
Metaphors, A Photograpic Essay on Religious Architecture…commentary by EAS ‘67
What is Religious Architecture?  From Faith and Form – Guild for Rel. Arch. Vol. 1
Faith and Form, 4-68  Letter to Editor  p.4 and on p.20
Faith and Form, 7-68 Review p.4, Award p.16,
Faith and Form, 10-68,  Book Review p.4, note on p.3, and p.16
Folder 3
Worship 3-67,  Images of the Church
World Encounter, 4-68 Every Church Should Sing a New Song, A Place for Holding Family
Reunions p.8; What is an Altar, Pulpit? Baptismal Fong? Why? P.14; Japan in the 20th
Century  p.28
Foreward to To Build a Church (book by John Morse)
Four Ways of Glazing Church Windows, 4-68 in U.S. Glass, Metal & Glazing
Tea and Sincerity,  for Liturgical Arts 8-68
            Magazine Article  with same.
Review of The Radiant City by LeCorbusier; Le Corbusier,  in Liturgical Arts 8/68 p.120
6 book reviews
A Philosophy and brief history of glass in church design, from US Glass 4-68  p. 24
Symbolism in the Modern Church from Stained Glass winter ’67-68  p. 17
Faith and Form  pp 4,7,22,29,30  Jan. ‘68
Folder 4
The Illusion of Theater and the Illusion of Architecture, Concordia College, 9-69
Review of The Imperial Hotel ‘68
For Faith and Form #10, 11 (A Concrete Catafalque?)  9-69
Assert the Eschatological for The Presbyterian Outlook, 9-69 p.6
Northwest Architect 3-69 Award p.28
House of God to House of God’s People, The Priest 4-69 p.214
            Article text  Esse Quam Videri – Notes on the building of churches
Worship 10-69  Review Revolution, Place and Symbol. 10-69 (article)
            Text in Worship
Folder 5  Magazine articles from ’69, ‘70
Faith and Form  1-69  see pages 3,4,26 and 30
Faith and Form  Letter to editor and response by EAS 2-69
Faith and Form  Review p.4
Faith and Form 10-69 Liturgical Week at Milwaukee p.15  (see also p.1)
Architectural Esthetics and the Church
From Tempo 4-15-70  “The Place of Religious Architecture in Today’s Environment” EAS
From Stone, 7-70  “Stone Tradition perpetuated by Science Center”  EAS p.12
From Living Worship, 1-70  Triumphalism, Sacred and Secular – a XN Architect’s Reflections
From Faith & Form, 4-70  “a problem in Church Renewal”  EAS
From Faith & Form, 4-70  “An Inner City Church”  EAS
From Faith & Form  “Some comments on Multi-purpose Church Spaces  EAS
From Discourse….A Review of the Liberal Arts, Spring ’70 The Illusion o0f Theater and the
illusion of Architecture, EAS
from Liturgical Arts, May ’70  p.94
Folder 6   Magazine articles from ’71 and ‘72
Church Design and Life Today,  pp 3-6 --Reflections 5-71
The Architecture of Religion, pp 20ff  - Faith and Forms, Spring, ‘71
St. Olaf College High Rise Dormitories – English & French
on Shopping Center Chapels p.14  From Faith and Forms, Fall, ‘71
Review of An Organic Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright, p.55, Liturgical Arts,2/’71
The Smith Selection System for NW Architect, June,July, ‘71
“A World filled with Meaning” –about Lutheran Seminary in Tokyo Faith&Form, Spring ‘72
The Return to Non-Church  Faith & Form, Fall ’72  pp12 ff
From Cutting Edge, 3-72, Shopping Center Ministries
Folder 7  Magazine articles from ‘73
From Worship Nov. ’73 Sacrality, Place and Symbol  p547-551
From Journal, American Society for Church Architecture, 12-73  Sacrality, Place & Symbol
From Worship, 1-73.  Review of Tired Dragons by Edwin Lynn p. 57
Comment on “Return to Non-Church (see ’72) by Uel Ramey.  P.13
Blikt Punkt USA,2-73  “Auf dem Weg zur Nicht-Kirche” & st. Leo’s Church, Pipestone MN
Review of Architecture for Worship by EAS by Philip Ives  Faith & Form, Fall ’73 p.4
From Northwest Architect, Jan-Feb, ’73  p.6 A Tribute to Architectural Excellence
Folder 8  Magazine Articles from ’74, ‘76
Accent on worship, Music, the Arts  March-april ’74  “A few more words about Centrums”
4 Responses to EAS book Architecture for Worship. pp 2-7
Worship & Arts  p.41-47,  The Ambience of Spaces for Christians, EAS
Architecture – Filmstrip Narration.  Slides from EAS
From Liturgy, April ’76  p.114-117 Reflections of the Survival of Structures, EAS
From Faith & Forms, Spring ’76  Further on Reflections-San Antonio.  EAS
Folder 9  Magazine articles from ’77, 79, 80 – ‘86
The Ambience of Architecture for Christian People for Arkenstone12-77
From Faith and Form Fall ’77 p.12
From Your Church,May-June, ’77  On Kneeling in Worship”  EAS
From Faith & Form, Fall, ’78  p.15  Architectural awards
From Architecture Minnesota, 7-8, ’79 p.38,  “Abandoning the Catalogs” EAS
From Vine Life, 7-8, ’79 p.17 “choosing Decision makers in a Church’s Building Program
From AIA (Wisconsin) 12-79 “What is Religious Architecture?”  EAS
From US Glass, 1-2, ’80 p.36, “A Philosophy and brief History of glass in Church Design, EAS
From Gettysburg Seminary Bulletin, Fall, ’80  p.3  “Changing Theological Perspectives in
Church Architecture: EAS
From Christian Century 3-31-82 p.363 “Notes on Sacred Space” EAS
From Your Church, 9-10,’83  p.8 “Interview with EAS”
From Liturgy Forum, 3-4,’86  p.28,29
From Faith & Form, Spring, ’83  p.18
Folder 10  Magazine articles from ’88, 90
From Faith & Form, Fall, ’88  The Mirror of the church – EAS  p. 16
From Reformed Liturgy & Music, Spring, ’88  An Orderly Journey: The Process of Environment
and Art  - EAS  p.78-85
From  The Northfield Magazine, Fall ’88  Church Architecture, A Statement of Principles EAS
From  Journal of Architectural Education, Winter ’89, 5 Easy Pieces, EAS  p.58
From The Hymn, Fall, ’90.  Architecture for Hymn Singing,  EAS p. 10
From IFRAA, Winter ’90, Review by EAS  More Alike and More Different, p.40 
Folder 11  Magazine articles from ’91, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’97, ’98, ‘99
From Kunst une Kirche,1/’91 Notes on the American Scene, EAS  p. 44
            Amerikungen zum Kirchenbau in den USA  - EAS
From Meeting House Echoes, “An Architect’s View: Architecture for Hymn Singing EAS ‘91
From IFRAA, Fall ’93  “Living on the High Wire”  EAS p.9
From Modern Liturgy, Sept. ’94  Making the Eucharistic Table, EAS p. 8
From Post Bulletin, 7-1-95, “Architect seeks the perfect Sanctuary” about EAS
Folder 12  Magazine Articles from ’97, ’98, ‘99
From Metro Lutheran, Dec,’99 “Sovik and partners marry architecture, theology.” P.15
From Faithlinks, May,99  “Art and Christianity Church: a place to be” EAS p.6
From USA Today, Dec,18, 1998 “10 great places to reflect on Christmas Eve”  EAS
From Worship, 1-97 Response to EAS “Non-Church” by Mark Torgerson p.19
From Worship 5-97 Response to Torgerson’s response.  EAS p. 244
From Faith & Form, #2, ’97  Remembrance and Hope – EAS p.9
From William Mitchell Law Review, #1 ’99 “Notes on the calling of an architect: -EAS p.189
From Liturgy Winter ’99  “Designing the Baptismal Vessel”  EAS  p. 38
Folder 13  Magazine articles from 2000, ‘01
From Faith & Form, 2000 p.26  Metaphors of Faith, EAS
from Lutheran Partners, 7/01  p.28  Burial Rites and Cremation EAS
Correspondence about book:  Lectern edition of Bible by Charles Martin


Box 5 


Correspondence (mainly)
Alphabetical folders A-Z
Architecture for Worship – manuscript.  Preface, Chapters 1-4
Architecture for Worship – correspondence and reviews
The Future Calling of Architects – notes, reviews and some text
Columbarium materials
International Christian University – Tokyo
Name Change materials ….E.Anderson to E. Anders
Worship and  Architecture – ELCA
Genealogy of Andrew Kittelstadt
2003 AIA Award and correspondence
“Theology of Modern Architecture” – 2001  Basilica of St. Mary
Misc. papers
“The Design Process” – from Cross Accent, summer 1999


Box 6 

Iowa and Nebraska Registration forms for Architects
Joseph Sittler – Archival
Jan Yoors – Weaving
Yale University – misc.
Mrs. Louis Sullivan
Proposals and materials concerning church building projects:
Princeton Theol. Seminary
Austin, MN – Our Savior’s Lutheran
St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Austin, TX
Hope Lutheran, Fostoria, OH
Christdala Evangelical Swedish Lutheran Church,  Millersburg, MN
St. John’s Luitheran, Mars, PA
St. Paul Priory, St. Paul, MN
First United Methodist Church, Omaha, NE
Misc. Church Proposals
Misc. short Correspondence
Possible book with Pueblo Publishing
St. Olaf –distinguished Alumni materials & Campus architectural tour