The 9th Annual Mission Auction and Variety Show

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Olson Campus Center

4:30 pm:  Display of items for Silent Auction begins

5:00 - 6:00 pm   Eat (dining services open), view items, keep bidding.

6:00-6:15 pm  Silent Auction ends

6:30 pm   The "Show" begins.  There will be live auction items during the show.



This is one way we foster community life on campus among students, staff, and faculty as we share our interests, talents, and gifts.   The variety show is a light-hearted but not mean-spirited look at our community.  At the same time, the mission auction is a way to share – either by participating as a donor or bidder in the silent auction. 

The beneficiary for 2014 was decided in conversation with students, faculty and staff.  Read about the Seaford family in the right column.


Please consider contributing an item or a service to the mission auction.  We are especially looking for items or activities that will increase student-faculty, student-student, and student-staff interactions.  The more creative you can be the better.

Items donated in previous years include crafts, artwork, dinners, services like babysitting or tickets to a theater/concert, an autographed copy of your recent book, wine-tasting with an expert.  The donations most sought are those that allow us to share a part of ourselves or our interests with someone else. 

Donations are already coming in from local businesses and others with connections to Luther Seminary. 

Please use this form to make a commitment to donate


Here's how the silent auction works: All items to be auctioned will be displayed on tables in the OCC narthex.  Bidders roam throughout the narthex, enjoying food and writing their bid on a piece of paper located near the item.  Your goal is to outbid everyone else for the item(s) you want.  Since the silent auction is open for almost an hour, you’ll have plenty of time to view the items and visit with visitors and classmates.


The first year of this event, the show was called a “talent” show.  And while there is much talent in this community, it was clear that “variety” was a better description.  How else to describe a bottle band that plays “A Mighty Fortress”, a skit based on what not to do for a children's sermon,  a spoof on the latest reality show, or a "seminary" version of a Beyonce hit.  Yes, these are all recent “acts”. 

Have an idea for "can't miss" entertainment?  Submit your idea to the Student Affairs office at