The Bible Initiative: Pass It On Project


Below are some frequently asked questions from congregations who have taken part in The Bible Initiative: Pass It On Project

How do we get started?

Send confirmation to Luther on church letterhead that a motion has been passed by the church council to participate and replace the Bibles when half gone.Please include: 

  • The estimated number of Bibles that will be needed for the first year, (i.e. number for weekly Bible studies, gifts to the fifth grade class on Sunday, all worship services, etc.)

  • The number of BIbles requested for the initial order

  • A delivery address

  • A contact person, phone number and e-mail address

How can we confirm our order?

  • A letter of confirmation with book plates and bookmarks will be sent to the congregation

When are orders filled?

  • Orders are fulfilled in March, June and September and December.

What type of Bibles will we receive?

  • Zondervan, Pew Bible; NRSV; black hard-cover; 1.4" thick; 8.76" x 5.68"

What is the replacement cost?

If ordered through the Luther Seminary Bookstore the cost is: 

  • $7 per Bible if order 24 or more.
  • $9.75 per Bible for an order of less than 24.

Does my congregation have to order our replacement Bibles from the Luther Seminary Bookstore? 

  • No. Replacement Bibles can be ordered from any source of congregations choice. Luther Seminary will provide a bookplate and bookmarks for the replacement Bibles.

How will people know they can take the Bible?

  • Bookplates will be provided by Luther Seminary to be placed inside the front cover.These will indicate that the Bible is part of the Bible Initiative: Pass It On Project. The bookplate reads:

Our mission at Luther Seminary is to give away the Word of God and to educate leaders for Christian communities to do the same. If you are in need of a Bible, or you know someone who needs the Word of God, please accept this Bible as a gift from the seminary. The Bible will be replaced. Pass on the Word!

Can my congregation receive anything else?