Financial Aid and Housing

Financial Aid

Students can apply for Financial Aid by contacting the Financial Aid Office located in Northwestern Hall 651-641-3527.

Loan Funds

Electronically transferred funds are applied directly to the student's account. Credit balances created by loan funds must be refunded to the student.

Paper student loan checks must be endorsed at the Business Office. Students will be notified by e-mail when the check arrives. The student must endorse the loan check before the funds will be credited to the student's account.

Refund Check

Overpayments or excess financial aid will remain on the student's account unless permission is received from the student. Credit balances are refunded by request.

Refunds for overpayments or excess financial aid are available approximately 10 days after the drop/add date at the start of each semester. Through out the year refund checks will be generated and mailed on Wednesday afternoons.

Refund checks are mailed to the billing address unless a request is made to have the check sent to an alternate address.


We offer housing for students who live alone and family student housing. For more information on housing, please contact the Housing Office located in Sandgren Apartments 651-641-3237.