Course Model for AiM Theological Education Requirements

The Theological Education requirements for candidates for Associate in Ministry can be satisfied by completing any of the M.A. programs at Luther Seminary. However, if a candidate wishes to complete the educational requirements for AiM without pursuing a full M.A. program, the requirements can be met either through a certificate program or as a non-degree student following the outline shown below.

Approval of a particular course of study should be made in consultation with the synod candidacy committee.

Recommended Courses:

Basic foundational coursework in the theological education shall include a minimum of 7 courses, including at least one course in each of the following areas (listed with recommended courses for fulfilling each requirement):

Biblical Studies- Old Testament

  • OT 1110 Pentateuch
  • OT 2110-19 Prophets

Biblical Studies- New Testament

  • NT 1210-12 Synoptic Gospels (English version unless greek competent)
  • NT 2110-16 Pauline Tradition

Lutheran Theology and Confessional Writings

  • IC 2620 Lutheran Confessional Writings

Introductory Systematic Theology

  • ST 1410 Overview of Christian Teachings
  • ST 2415 Jesus the Savior and the Triune God

Lutheran Church History (including North American)

  • HC 1310 Christian History from NT- Present

 Practical Theology appropriate to the specialization

  • These courses should be chosen within the candidate's area of focus and interest. A list of classes can be found in the Luther Seminary catalog.