Candidacy in Other Denominations

While Luther Seminary has a distinctly Lutheran approach to its commitment to educate leaders, lay and clergy, for Christian communities, this seminary is committed to broadening ecumenical diversity within the community.

Luther Seminary is committed to educating women and men for the work of lay and ordained ministry within the Church of the 21st century. Through innovative course work, contextual educational experiences and iscipleship groups, Luther Seminary provides all of its students with the tools necessary to pursue their call into ministry.

Luther Seminary recognizes that the presence of and appreciation for persons from a variety of faith traditions is one of the strengths of an excellent theological education.

Ecumenical students ask important questions, challenge longstanding assumptions and contribute substantively to theological conversation. Students of all denominations benefit from greater ecumenical diversity at Luther Seminary.

We currently have students from a broad spectrum of the Christian heritage.

Ecumenical resources at Luther

The Student Resource Center staff along with staff in the Contextual Learning office and the Academic Dean's office to accompany students in their degree progress. 

  • Faculty and staff work with ecumenical students to find resources for meeting both degree and denominational course requirements.
  • Students are invited to gather together informally throughout the school year to build relationships.