Affiliation for Diaconal Ministry

Steps in Affiliation for Diaconal Ministry

  • Obtain entrance to candidacy from your synod candidacy committee.
  • Apply for admission (affiliated) through the Office of Admissions and submit the $500 affiliation fee and entrance approval documents during your first term of studies at the non-ELCA seminary.
  • Upon meeting admission requirements, receive M.A.-affiliated status from Luther and be assigned a faculty candidacy mentor.
  • Attend Diaconal Ministry Formation Event
  • Participate in 40 hours of supervised Spiritual Direction
  • Make plans with the Contextual Learning office regarding supervised field experience and diaconal ministry project.
  • Present plan for completion of theological education requirements, field experience and diaconal ministry project to candidacy committee as part of endorsement interview (or earlier if applicable)
  • Participate in field experience.
  • Complete academic requirements.
  • Complete faculty and synod approval and assignment for first call.

The ordering of these steps may change based on individual circumstances and plans for completing diaconal ministry requirements.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to maintain ongoing contact with Luther, initiating contact with appropriate faculty and staff to fulfill the candidacy requirements.

Affiliation is expected to take place within the candidate's first term of study at the non-ELCA seminary. Affiliation and admission to the seminary is based on the admission requirements of the MA program of the seminary. Your affiliation requires continued good academic standing at your primary seminary and continued progress with ELCA candidacy. The ELCA Education and Vocation Unit has determined that an affiliation fee of $500 to be paid to the ELCA Seminary at the time of application for affiliation. Other tuition and fees are outlined in the Luther Seminary catalog and are applied after the candidate is enrolled at Luther.