Lutheran Year Course Model: Post Master of Divinity

The Year of Residency: "The Lutheran Year"

Values (from the ELCA Candidacy Manual):

  • "To provide the candidate with a solid grounding in Lutheran Systematic theology and the Lutheran Confessions— not only in the study of theology, but in the study of church history, Bible, worship, preaching, education, pastoral care and ethics"
  • "To provide the candidate with a sound understanding of ministry in a Lutheran context..."
  • "To enable the candidate to establish relationships with future colleagues in ministry which are marked by mutual support and accountability"

How Luther Seminary helps fulfill the values for the Lutheran Year set forth by the ELCA:

  • Affiliated students are expected to participate in community worship and discipleship groups with other students and their faculty advisor during the semesters in residence.
  • Luther will provide classes and planning to meet Lutheran year course requirements.
  • Contextual Learning will assist in planning and provide supervision of ELCA internship and assistance in securing a CPE site.
  • Affiliated students are expected to be in residence at Luther Seminary during at least one semester in fulfilling course requirements and building relationships with students as well as faculty who will represent them in the course of candidacy approval.
  • Normally, a Lutheran Year consists of 10 full courses (or the equivalent) taken at Luther. Deviations from this norm would need approval by your synod candidacy committee. For those affiliated students seeking to complete the MTh degree, other course arrangements can be made in compliance with degree requirements and in consultation with your committee.

Residency Lutheran Year Course Model For Post-M.Div. Affiliation Students

The following course model is intended to be the starting place from which your particular Lutheran year classes will be determined. A Lutheran understanding in each of the areas of competency listed below is expected.

Bible Classes

It is expected that students in the New Testament classes have proficiency in Greek, so it is highly recommend that students come to Luther with a background in Greek.

History and Theology Classes

  • ST 3420-ST 3494 - Ethics II (core elective)
  • IC 2620 - Lutheran Confessional Writings
  • HC 3310 - The Modern Church in Europe and America (1789-present)
  • ST 2415 - Jesus the Savior and the Triune God
  • ST 3415 - The Holy Spirit, the Church and the Triune God

Leadership Classes

Many classes can be upgraded to meet requirements for the Master of Theology degree.