Dedicated to the renewal of the church's proclamation


The Center for Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary equips preachers to be faithful and effective in their ministry of proclamation. Theological and practical education does not end with a theological degree, but rather only gathers speed! Recognizing this, the Center for Biblical Preaching is committed to the lifelong learning of preachers. It does so by offering a variety of educational events and resources that strengthen and sustain preachers in their craft and calling.

The Center for Biblical Preaching:

  • equips preachers to assess and hone their skills in the craft
  • encourages sound theological reflection and careful attention to the biblical text
  • energizes preachers to look at the biblical text with fresh eyes and listen anew to the story

By creating biblical preaching resources, such as, the Center:

  • supports preachers by putting them in the company of others also called to ministries of proclamation
  • invites preachers to consider the study, process, and practice of preaching in light of their experience
  • challenges preachers to stretch and grow in their efforts to proclaim the good news of Christ for today's world

The Center for Biblical Preaching is strengthened by its collaboration with: