Please contribute a prayer on behalf of students, faculty and staff at Luther Seminary.

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Dear Lord, the students and faculty and staff at Luther Seminary need your help and your blessings. We all need your help and your blessings. We ask you to send them now.
Mindy Ehrke
Salem/Storla/Trinity Lutheran churches in Mount Vernon & Letcher SD
Alum year - 1985
Since we have a great High Priest who has been tempted in every way as we are, yet without sin; we hold fast to our confession and are bold to come to the Throne of Grace asking for mercy that we might find grace and help in time of need. Oh Lord, the need is great for our seminaries, so we ask for the mercy we need to gracefully move into the future with your grace and help in this our time of need.
Paul Christ
Messiah & St. Mark's Lutheran
Alum year - 1972
Dear Lord bring your peace to enfold all at Luther Sem. Be with all of the students, faculty and staff. I thank you for the people of Luther Sem. who bring such goodness to mine and so many lives. In Jesus name we pray Amen
Richard Debertin
Zion Berthold
Lord God, heavenly Father, you have guided your church at all times, both good and troubled. Please guide Luther Seminary, it's faculty, staff, and students in these days of transistion. Help it to be faithful to your word. Empower it with your Holy Spirit and lead it into the future trusting in you. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen
Gary Lee
Decorah, Iowa
Alum year - 1966
Holy God, send your Spirit to guide your people. Breathe into us creativity and boldness, that we might hear your Word and do your will. Bless those who seek your vision for Luther Seminary and those who will carry it out. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.
Mary Lou Baumgartner
King of Kings Lutheran Church, New Windsor, NY
Alum year - 1990
Gracious and merciful God, I pray for our seminaries in this time of transition at Luther, Pacific Lutheran, and Southern Seminary. Be with the students and faculty and staff at Luther as you lead them to discern your will for the leadership and direction of the seminary in the days to come. With Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, we pray: "Not our will but your will be done." In the name of our crucified and risen Lord Jesus. Amen.
Selmer Hatlestad
Watertown, SD
Alum year - 1964
Thank you Lord for guidance and direction, all through the years, no matter what experiences of life we face. Your steadfast love inspires our faith, with blessings to share.
Harry Baertschi
Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, Davis,CA
Graduate, supporter, alum
Alum year - 1956
Lord, as you have satisfied the hearts and the minds of your people in years gone by, direct us and guide us through the power of your Spirit in these difficult times. Help us to always keep our attention focused on your will and your way. Amen
Ron Johnstad
Livingston, Montana
Alum year - 1967
Lord God, you have given us all we need to shine in the shadows. We ask for your Spirit to kindle a flame of joyful, creative unity among the seminary's administrators, faculty, support staff and the church around them - that they may celebrate the privilege of assisting You in raising up new servant for your church in every age - through Christ our Lord. Amen
Terry Frovik
Lake Shore
Retired alum
Alum year - 1971
In a time of uncertainty, we need and ask for vision. We need to know why we are doing what we are doing, or at least have some inkling of that. We have struggled for over a half-century for vision to see why we are losing members, almost regardless of what we do. Give us that vision of courage and stamina that will enable us to begin to see your purpose in this crazy world in which we live, and seeing, know what we must do in response. Amen.
Bruce Hesse
Plymouth, MN
Alum year - 1960
Holy Lord, In the midst of change and uncertainty, remind us of your nearness. Good Shepherd, lead this community with wisdom. And may the peace of your presence hold all in your loving embrace.
Janell Weum
Alum year - 2004
Heavenly Father, may we not fear the crashing waves that hurl themselves against our fragile community. But, instead, may we defiantly stand with our faces to the wind trusting with all we have that your voice is more powerful than any foe. Do not slumber long, O Lord, calm our hearts and speak your Peace.
Krista Mendoza
Elmira, NY
Alum year - 2011
Gracious God, by your Holy Spirit you have raised up both students and teachers of the church. We are filled today with gratitude for both. Many of us were nurtured deeply in the gospel at Seminary and have taken our call both joyfully and seriously. We offer our petitions for those who must face a new leg of their journey. Grant strength, courage, patience and hope to the whole Seminary community today. In Christ, our brother and Lord, Amen.
Thomas Aitken
Bishop, Northeastern Mn Synod
Alum year - 1985
Lord, thank You for Your gift of Luther Seminary. Please bless the students, faculty and the other leaders with discernment as they continue to strive to send Christian leaders out into the world.
In Jesus name........Amen
Steven Dillon
Ventura, CA
Alum year - 2007
God, as you have planted a place to nurture and grow leaders for your church on earth, protect what you have planted. As so many struggle with money, help us to be wise and discerning with the resources we have, knowing that we have abundance to share. In Jesus' name we pray.
Ross Murray
New York
Alum year - 2003
Father God in the name of your precious Son Jesus, I ask that you keep a hedge of protection around the students and the faculty at Luther Seminary. Guard their minds and hearts to know that you will never leave nor forsake them and you are a very present help in the time of trouble. Thank you for their answered prayers. I speak prosperity and hope for great success and glorious days of happiness. Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood on Calvary. In your name I pray. Amen.
Minister Sheril Davison
Augusta, GA
Alum year - N/A