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Ministry in Context

May the library be with you

By Andy Keck

Ever get stumped by a question in Bible Study? Struggling to develop a sermon topic? Clueless about starting a new ministry in an area you don't know anything about? The Luther Seminary Library is here to help. No matter how distant you happen to be from campus, you can continue to use our growing electronic resources and services, make use of our expanded hours and delivery service, or plug into your local library.

Electronic resource and services include a growing number of databases and ejournals. We are also looking to expand our investment in ebooks, some of which can be downloaded onto your tablet or other device. Finally, reference librarians are standing by to respond to your phone, email, or chat reference questions!

Our expanded hours on campus include until 10pm on weeknights, 1-5pm on Saturdays, and 6-10pm on Sundays. You may also request for us to scan journal articles or for the cost of our shipping, ship books to your address.

Finally, be sure to explore your own local library resources. Many local public libraries offer an Interlibrary Loan service. Public and college libraries have a wide selection of reference materials and online databases that can be used onsite. Use to find library books within a certain radius of your current location. 

Please let us know if we can be of additional service to your academic or ministry needs,

Andrew Keck
Director of Library Services

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