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For the lay committee: Consider an exit interview

Most internships are now in their final few months.  Final evaluations will be completed during the summer.  Committees will sit down with the intern to talk about how the internship has gone, what they have particularly appreciated about the intern, and areas for future growth.   It is an important conversation at a significant intersection in the path toward ordained ministry.

It well might be a time to make the conversation two-way: not just about the committee’s insights into the intern, but also about the intern’s insights into the committee and congregation.  You’ll want to tell the intern about how the congregation has experienced him or her; how about some listening on how the intern has experienced the congregation?

Consider a few questions like:

  • What did you most appreciate about the committee?
  • What could we have done better?
  • What do you think the greatest strengths of this congregation are?
  • Its greatest challenges for the future?
  • What would you like this congregation to remember you for?
  • Was the housing provided adequate?
  • Was your office adequate?
  • How did your family experience the congregation?

Give it a try!  You might learn a few interesting things along the way.

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