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Ministry in Context

Welcome to Christian Public Leader 2.0!

As practical theologian Fernando Arzola writes, “Contextualization gives theology hands.” Here at Contextual Learning, we believe that everyone involved in theological education can grow in a real-life ministry context that helps shape their formation. Because of this commitment, we would like to share an update regarding our new-and-improved Christian Public Leader (CPL) program.

Beginning Fall 2016, we now expect all Luther Seminary incoming students to participate in this required

On CPL 2.0, The Needs of the Community, and Hope for the Future

Elsewhere in our newsletter, we shared an update regarding our new-and-improved Christian Public Leader (CPL) program. In this piece, I'd like to talk more specifically about how the CPL program can help us take major steps toward intercultural development, anti-racism training, real-world ministry skills, and spiritual and mental health at Luther Seminary. Through CPL, our students, staff, and faculty can work together to meet some of the most important needs in our Luther Seminary community

Privilege, Power, and the Cycle of Gospel Living: Lessons from the Kaleidoscope Institute

In March, I was fortunate to attend a powerful intercultural training week. The Catalyst program, hosted as a partnership between Luther Seminary and the Kaleidoscope Institute, served as a deep dive into difficult issues of race, culture, privilege, and power. I'd like to talk a little bit about that and share a powerful exercise with you today.

As a white male growing up in the United States, I have historically been minimally aware of my privilege throughout my life. However, I have had some moments

From Kitchen Counters to Pastoral Visits: The Hidden Curricula

I'll never forget my wife's look of sadness as she looked at the crumb-infested kitchen counter in front of both of us. "You didn't clean this counter?" she asked me, with what I instantly interpreted as disappointment in her voice. In response, a whole cloud of possible retorts floated by me, one by one:

"You never asked me to clean it!"
"Clean is in the eye of the beholder!"
"Your subtle hints about it aren't direct enough for a guy who grew up with direct communicators in his family!"