Students at commencement

Ministry in Context

The meaning of leadership

What sort of leader are you being called and equipped to be? What does it mean to be a Christian public leader? What does it mean to provide leadership in a congregation and/or community?

There are all sorts of books being written about leadership. Again and again, in classes and in conversations, you engage the topic of leadership. You learn varying styles or modes of leadership. You try to ascertain what your particular gifts/strengths/capacities might be, and how that will

A long-running internship in the pacific northwest

Central Lutheran Church in Everett, Wash., is one of those marvelous churches with a long-term investment in the internship program. Katie Emery, who now serves there, is the congregation's 18th intern. Pastor Jeff Russell of Central and Intern Emery were good enough to answer a few questions for us.

1. Jeff, how about a quick picture of the Everett community and the nature of Central’s mission there, and a snapshot of what makes you as a person unique?

When I grow up

Recently a supervisor was tucking his 7-year-old son into bed. The young boy said to his Dad, "When I grow up, I want to be an intern."

Lay Committee: Role call

The Internship Committee should be meeting regularly by now. You may be wondering what role you play in the internship besides meeting once a month. The text below comes from the Lay Committee Handbook (PDF).

What roles do committee members play?

1. Supporter

You provide counsel and encouragement for the intern and his/her spouse. You provide support and honest feedback - something that everyone needs.

2. Sponsor

You are able to acquaint the intern with the members of

My banjo, please

As an ice breaker at a recent cluster meeting, I asked all the participants to tell the group one little thing about themselves that other people would not usually know. One supervisor reported that she had taken banjo lessons as a child. I was filled with envy.

As a theologian of some small sophistication, most days I don't put much stock in the classic comic strip paradigm of heaven which portrays the blessed departed floating around in white robes with wings

One more cluster meeting

There's still one more fall cluster meeting in the autumn cycle:

Northwestern Washington/Eastern Washington/Idaho: Wed.-Thurs., Nov. 10-11, at Palisades Retreat Center, Federal Way, Wash. (Julie Josund)



Photo Album

A sampling of photos from this fall's cluster meetings.

Interns and Supervisors at the Oregon-Vancouver, Washington Cluster Meeting. Interns from Luther, PLTS, LSTC, Wartburg and United Methodist - St. Paul Seminary, Kansas City, MO.


If you were an intern in Oregon, you could visit the breathtaking Multnomah Falls on the way to the cluster retreat.


Interns Mike Carlson (left), Keith Long, and Paul Shumaker visit at the Southwestern