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Contextual Learning Now Hiring!

Contextual Learning is now hiring a new student worker position: Office Assistant for Contextual Learning! The purpose of this position is the assist Contextual Learning with general office responsibilities, primarily in the areas of office administration and hospitality.


1. Maintain paper filing system.

2. Assist with data entry projects as needed (i.e., reports, spreadsheets, etc.)

3. Assist with opening and resolving Helpdesk tickets as needed (i.e., printer issues, database

Public Speech: A Reflection on Technique by Tim Coltvet

Early in my call as a Christian public leader, I was given some guidelines for public speech. Unlike my Homiletics course (which was ripe with theological and ecclesial background and frameworks), these guidelines came from more of a "technique" angle. Now, I don’t know that I have ever hit on all cylinders with respect to technique! But I do think that these precepts have kept me honest when preparing everything from a sermon to an annual meeting address to teaching Confirmation. Here they

Hitting the Wall: A Reflection on November by Steve McKinley

I admire those folks (some of them interns and the spouses of interns) who run marathons, but I cannot say that I have ever wanted to be one of them. Perhaps if I had started serious running 30 or 40 or 50 years ago I would be a marathon addict by now, but I didn’t, and I’m not, and when you look at me you would not mistake me for a marathon runner.

I have heard that marathon runners often reach a point 20 miles or so out when they “hit the wall” and wonder if they can possibly

Breaking Bread Together: A Reflection on "Pray and Break Bread" by Katherine Parent

On Friday, October 24, a group of Luther students, staff and faculty experienced a thought-provoking day of interfaith hospitality and community learning on the first Pray and Break Bread trip. Not only was the day an immersion experience in Muslim, Jewish, and Christian interfaith dialogue, it also became a day of learning about local community history. All three sites we visited have deep historical roots in North Minneapolis. As the day unfolded, so did stories about Muslim, Jewish, and Christian

Internship: Learning Goals, Project Proposals, Evaluations, and Insurance

Students, are you curious about your next steps for your internship? Do you have questions about the Learning Goals, the Project Proposal, your three-month evaluations, or your insurance? Please read on for more details.

Learning Goals

Based on your feedback and popular request, we have updated the Learning Goals page to be more clear and helpful. You may now find plenty of examples of good goals, objectives, strategies, resources, and evaluation parameters. Please remember that your Learning Goals

CPL: Fall and Spring Program Reminders

Students, we hope you are all enjoying your Christian Public Leader placements during this fall semester! As Luther heads around the corner of midterms and enters the homestretch of the semester, we hope that your coursework and contextual commitments are going smoothly. We'd like to share two important reminders for you.

Reflective Assessments

At the end of every semester, two sets of Reflective Assessments are due: one from the seminarian and one from the mentor. For Fall 2014, Reflective Assessments

CPE: Application and Completion Details

Students, are you planning for, beginning, or finishing CPE? Please don't forget to refresh yourself on the application and completion details. If you could not make it to our CPE Info Fair or CPE Q&A Sessions, please contact Contextual Learning with any questions you may have; we're happy to help.

After you’ve been accepted to a program, here is how you must register and pay for it:

  1. As soon as you know where you will be doing CPE, please send Contextual Learning a copy of your acceptance

New Cross-Cultural Opportunities: Sufi Symposium, Detroit Urban Plunge, Hispanic Ministry Summer Term, "La Natividad"/In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre

This month, we're sharing information about several new upcoming programs, including: "A Sufi Vision of the Modern World," Detroit Urban Plunge, the Hispanic Ministry Summer Term, and a new Christmas arts project ("La Natividad") at In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre. Read on for more details!

"A Sufi Vision of the Modern World"
Luther Seminary, December 9 at 6:00pm

Learn about Sufism and its role in peace-making, meet a prominent international Sufi leader, and engage in interfaith

New Pray and Break Bread Trip: Hindu Temple, Hmongtown Market, MN Zen Center, and more!

Pray and Break Bread is an urban multicultural and interfaith immersion program in which we leave the Luther campus bubble, meet our neighbors, learn together, break bread together, and share ritual and reflection. Our next Pray and Break Bread trip is on Saturday November 22.

For this trip, we will be visiting the diversity of spiritual and secular practice in the Twin Cities.

  • We'll begin the morning with a special tour of the Hindu Temple of Minnesota, where we'll encounter some of the practices

New Volunteer and Job Opportunities: Saint Therese, City Camp, Project for Pride in Living

We are excited to share some new volunteer and leadership opportunities: a Pastoral Care Associate position at Saint Therese of New Hope MN, a Summer Chaplain/Community Leader position for City Camp in Philadelphia PA, and a Pre-K Volunteer position for Project for Pride in Living in St. Paul MN. Please read on for more details.

Saint Therese, New Hope MN

"Saint Therese of New Hope is a Catholic organization serving seniors of all faiths, and is dedicated to the well-being of each individual. 

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