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Director's Word: Spotlight on Intern Tom Westcott and St. Mark's Pub Theology Project

Since Christmas, I’ve been writing in this space about "getting involved with what God is doing." It is a way to think both about the identity and purpose of the church, and of the call of our lives as God’s beloved. It is also a way of re-framing mission from something we "do" (now, or then) to something we "are" (all the time). It is easy for me to see what God is doing loving the world—I just need to listen to our interns from Luther Seminary! They are getting involved in what

Sharing Voices: Spotlight on Intern Matthew Fleming and Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd's #iam_ Project

Matthew Fleming, a Luther Seminary M.Div., is currently serving as the Pastoral Intern at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Minneapolis with Pr. Debra Samuelson. Last month, Matthew wrote a unique reflection on the congregation's beautiful digital ministry project, the #iam_ Project. Although the Lenten season is now behind us, we hope you will enjoy Matthew's reflection on this smart and thoughtful project.

The #iam_ Project began with a team of staff and lay members of the congregation that

We Have Marked These Days With Promise: A Reflection on Graduation

It is a particularly special time in the life of many Luther Seminary students. As graduation approaches, the anticipation and hope for the future beyond seminary beckons with each passing day. And yet, “not so fast,” we say. So many of the students at Luther have been deeply embedded in contexts with meaningful and generative relationships. Supervisors and staff, students and families alike, have welcomed them into the very fabric of their personal and communal lives.

I think of the

Step This Way, Please: A Reflection on Leadership

I’ve occasionally had guilt pangs about not doing enough as a volunteer in the church we belong to, so during the most recent “Time and Talent” survey, I signed up to be an usher. We’re in church most Sundays anyway, so it didn’t seem like an imposition on my schedule. Now I have actually ushered a few times, and, let me tell you, this ushering business is a great gig, one of the best church assignments I’ve had in years.

People come in and I greet them and hand

Cross-Cultural Education: New Internship Opportunity at Minnesota Council of Churches

The Minnesota Council of Churches has a new cross-cultural internship available with the Taking Heart/Ramadan Open House Series. The internship would be available mid-May through mid-August, before and after the Islamic month of Ramadan. "Taking Heart is a program which brings Muslims and non-Muslims together for conversation and food. During the month of Ramadan, which will take place in June - July of 2014, a series of Taking Heart events are planned to coincide with Iftar meals at mosques in the

Teaching Congregations and Christian Public Leader: Reflection Questions and Program Updates

This is a quick, friendly reminder that Teaching Congregations Reflection Questions were due May 5 for graduating seniors and May 12 for non-graduating students. Students may find an online form for their Student Reflection Questions on the FE 4022 coursepage. Mentor pastors may find an online form for their Mentor Pastor Reflection Questions at the following link: If a student or a mentor pastor would prefer

Partnerships: New Grant Opportunity through Wheat Ridge, New Service-Learning Opportunity through Rezek House

WeRaise, a crowdfunding platform by Wheat Ridge Ministries in Itasca, IL, supports faith-based social justice projects through grant opportunities. Available grant opportunities include the Joshua Grant Program (a one-year matching grant of $1000 - $5000 for congregational and community health and wellness projects), the GrantsPlus Grant Program (a three-year grant of up to $50,000 for health and social services projects), and the Burst Project (a one-time grant of up to $5000 for young adult social

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