Students at commencement

Ministry in Context

Staying connected

We live in a “connected” world. CNN has “breaking news” all day and all night. Compared to the social media activity, that’s slow. I’m not aware of any intern who doesn’t have email and a cellphone, and very few without mobile connectivity 24/7.

It’s good to be connected. I hope you stay connected to friends and family, to parishioners and colleagues, and to community and global events. And I trust you are staying connected to God, as you pray, dwell

Global mission in a local congregation

by Michelle de Beauchamp

Our Savior's Lutheran Church is a 900 member church located in Owatonna, Minnesota, which has a population of about 25,000 people. The members of the congregation vary in occupations from farmers, factory workers, teachers, nurses, small business owners to construction workers. It is a congregation that is slowly growing (especially with younger families), and this year the building is being expanded because there is not enough education space for the kids.

When I arrived

For the lay committee: Consider an exit interview

Most internships are now in their final few months.  Final evaluations will be completed during the summer.  Committees will sit down with the intern to talk about how the internship has gone, what they have particularly appreciated about the intern, and areas for future growth.   It is an important conversation at a significant intersection in the path toward ordained ministry.

It well might be a time to make the conversation two-way: not just about the committee’s insights

On watching the royal wedding

I am always an early riser, but my wife, normally a more sensible, temperate soul, climbed out of bed on April 29 at what was a very early hour for her (though I am routinely kicking around at that time) and planted herself in place to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot.  I had no choice but to join her.

Well, to put it in “Upper Midwestern,” it wasn’t that bad.  Nice wedding, nicely done.  Dignified.  Neat.  Traditional.  No sixteen

Spring 2011 Cluster Meetings

There’s still one more Spring Cluster Meeting to go: the Washington Cluster will meet June 8-9 at Palisades Retreat Center, Federal Way, Washington, under the guidance of Julie Josund.

Photo Album

At the Twin Cities West Cluster Meeting: Front row: Karsten Nelson, Pam Stalheim-Lane, Adam Morton, Javen Swanson, Chase Smith.  Back row: Scott Donnelly, Scott Simmons, Nile Sandeen, Jason Van Hunnik, Kelly Chatman, Caleb Crainer.

At the Twin Cities West Cluster Meeting: Front row: Brad Doty, Pam Stofferahn, Jay Carlson.  Back row: Michelene Vertlautz, Susan Debner, Marla Amborn, Mark Becker, Betsy Hoium, Steve McKinley.

At the Southwest Minnesota Cluster Meeting, held at Earthrise