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Lay Committee: Thinking about the holidays

Here we are in Advent, that hectic and joyous period time. We'll celebrate Christmas as families gather for gala celebrations, great meals and traditional activities. That's great.

But for some interns, this could be a hard time. Some interns might not be going home for Christmas for the first time. They'll be missing out on things they've always done and the people they have always enjoyed these holidays with. If the intern has a family, the intern's spouse will be going through the same kind of separation, as will the intern's children!

You can't take the place of family far away. But you can be sensitive to the situation your intern might be in and act in a hospitable way to surround them with your support. No intern or intern's family should be alone for Christmas. Once the great worship services are over, the intern should have a place to be and people to be with. This would be a good thing for the lay committee to be quietly thinking about this month!

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