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Director's Word: Making Gatherings Memorable

Last month I lifted up the important leadership competency of engaging people in God’s mission. The month prior, we focused on the importance of vision and vision casting as a leader. This month, we dig into the nitty gritty of ministry on the front lines: making gatherings memorable. What does it take for you to host a gathering – whether a bible study, a preaching event, or a confirmation lesson?

The most direct answer may be the following: prayer, planning, preparation, execution,

Good News from Pastoral Interns

For a fun surprise in this month's Ministry in Context, we wanted to share some good news from some of our current Luther Seminary pastoral interns. Please enjoy these small stories of joy, and please keep all of our internship teams in your hearts.

On December 16, 2015, pastoral intern Jon Rundquist and his wife, Tiffany, welcomed baby Bridget Irene (10lb 4oz and 21.75 in long). Jon is serving at Zion Lutheran Church of Amor, Battle Lake, MN.

On December 30, 2015, pastoral intern Joel Nye and his

Mid-Point Evaluations Now Available!

Thank you to all interns and supervisors who have already completed the CIP, Learning Goals, Three-Month Evaluations, and/or the Project Proposal. Thank you also to the interns and supervisors who have engaged in check-in conversations with us here at Contextual Learning. These are very important steps along the internship process. As we move into the new year, we would like to remind interns, supervisors, and committees of an important update. Mid-Point Evaluations are now available!

Q. How do I begin?

Grading for Internship

Are a current Luther Seminary intern with some questions about your transcript? Because we have had some inquiries about this, we wanted to send a short reminder regarding grading policies for internship.

For students taking internship for credit:  An NR (not reported) has been posted to your record for the fall semester.  The same will be true for the spring semester, if you are not completing internship until the end of the summer.  Once your internship has ended and all paperwork

Region 1 and 3 Spring Cluster Meeting Schedule

Are you part of an internship team in Region 1 or Region 3? If so, your cluster meeting is facilitated by the Contextual Learning team here at Luther. We are so looking forward to our spring cluster meetings! We would like you to save the following dates on your calendars.
Region 1 Cluster Meeting for Spring 2016
April 12 - 13, 2016
Rainbow Lodge Retreat Center
North Bend, WA
Region 3 Cluster Meetings for Spring 2016
(Each cluster meeting is 9:30am to 3:30pm.)


Toward a "Most Respectful Interpretation"

My friend Jill was trying to find the perfect restaurant for her pregnant sister who was allergic to smoke. They searched meticulously to ensure that wherever they chose would have no traces of smoke.  Finally they found a cozy little bistro with clean air and good people -- or so they thought! Ten minutes into their meal, they both glanced over to see a haggard and despondent woman seated at another table.  As she stared at them intensely, she pulled out her long Virginia Slim cigarettes

New CPE Offerings for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Super-Extended (2015 - 2016)

Are you seeking a CPE position for Spring, Summer, or Fall 2016? Contextual Learning is pleased to share some information about some available units! Please read on for details.

HealthEast in St. Paul, MN
January 11, 2016 - May 9, 2016

"HealthEast Care System is offering an extended unit of CPE this spring. The proposed dates are from the week of January 11 to the week of May 9, 2016. HealthEast is the largest health care provider in the Twin Cities’ East Metro area. We are a faith-based organization,

2016 Summer Ethics Fellowship for Seminary and Divinity School Students

Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE) is now accepting applications for its 2016 program. FASPE Seminary uses the conduct of the clergy during the Holocaust and in Nazi Germany as a launching point for an intensive course of study on the contemporary ethical challenges facing religious leaders. FASPE is predicated upon the power of place. Fellows visit Auschwitz and other sites in Germany and Poland where they consider how to apply the lessons of history to the ethical

Scholarship to Attend the 2015 Johnson Symposium on Faith & Society

Interns! We have a very special opportunity to share with you. Have you ever attended the excellent Johnson Symposium on Faith & Society, which has previously featured speakers from Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber to Rev. Heidi Neumark to Dr. Marcus J. Borg? Now is your chance to attend both days of the 2015 Symposium -- for free!

First, a word about the 2015 Johnson Symposium on Faith & Society, sponsored by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Minneapolis:

Dr. John Arthur Nunes will be the featured presenter

Internship Program Updates

Thanks again to those students who stopped by our Internship & Endorsement Info Sessions this month! We hope these were helpful discussions for you. We did record one of our Info Sessions, so if you would like to review a recording of what we covered, please click here:

As we move through October and rapidly approach our Fall 2016 internship application deadline, it's time to share some urgent program reminders for you.

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