Students at commencement

Ministry in Context

You weren't listening

When that little fur ball terror known as Abby Gail McKinley, our cairn terrier, was but a pup, I expressed consternation to our vet one day about her boundless supply of energy.

"Don't worry," he said, "when they get to be four years old they start to settle down."

Abby is now seven years old and has shown no sign of settling down. She is still the same terror she always was. (And we love her for it.) I can only conclude that she wasn't listening to the vet.

My banjo, please

As an ice breaker at a recent cluster meeting, I asked all the participants to tell the group one little thing about themselves that other people would not usually know. One supervisor reported that she had taken banjo lessons as a child. I was filled with envy.

As a theologian of some small sophistication, most days I don't put much stock in the classic comic strip paradigm of heaven which portrays the blessed departed floating around in white robes with wings