Interns are restricted in some pastoral functions either because of church policy or state law.

Holy Communion

Interns are not expected to preside over Holy Communion. Consultation with the appropriate synodical bishop as well as the Council of the congregation is necessary if exceptions to the general expectation are desired.


In emergencies an intern may perform a baptism as may any lay person. However, any non-emergency situation is governed by the policies of the ELCA which call for an ordained person to preside at baptism.


In most states an intern may not legally officiate at a wedding service. Although there are exceptions to the general rule, they are rare and interns ought not assume the right or privilege of performing a wedding while on internship.


Unlike weddings, neither church policy nor state law insists that funerals be conducted by an ordained person. Therefore, interns are free to conduct funerals with the consent and guidance of the supervising pastor.