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Placement Process

Understand the lead-up to internship

Contextual Learning arranges all internships. Students who request to restrict geographically (outside of the Twin Cities) do not receive housing support. Students who request to restrict geographically outside of the Twin Cities do not go through the open interview process with prospective supervisors in February and may not expect to receive a placement decision by mid-April.

Please download our Internship Placement Timeline for 2018-2019 (Internships Beginning Fall 2018) by clicking here.

October: Prospective Student Intern application deadline

Internship and Endorsement Info Sessions are held. Complete the Student Internship Application. Horizon applications due for Domestic and/or International Internships for interested students. 

November-December: Students' preliminary interviews

After completing the application, candidates are assigned a Contextual Learning placement point person. Interns will have a preliminary interview with that point person during this month. Synods complete endorsement decisions for ELCA candidates. Horizon applicants complete interviews.

January (or June): Internship Orientation

Students complete Internship Orientation (FE 0200).

February: Review sites, interview with supervisors

The process for this is as follows:

  • Students planning to participate in the open interview process can view available sites and schedule interviews with supervisors.
  • Interview schedules are confirmed and sent to supervisors. 

March: Internship placements begin

Preference forms due. Contextual Learning staff meet to begin internship placements.

April: Internship placements complete

Students, internship sites and candidacy committees are informed of internship placements. 

However, candidates requesting to restrict geographically (outside of the Twin Cities) may not receive a placement decision at this time. 

June or August: New supervisor orientation

New internship site supervisors participate in New Supervisor Orientation at Luther Seminary. 

Background check and Boundaries Training

Before your internship can begin, you must complete an official background check and an authorized Boundaries Training. 
Both are requirements for both Luther Seminary and affiliated students. 


Pre-Internship Checklist: 

These are the prerequisites before starting your internship: 

  • Candidacy Committee Endorsement for ELCA Candidates 
  • Boundaries Training (Available in January and June)
  • FE 0200 Student Internship Orientation (offered in January or June)
  • Minimum of 10 Credits of coursework completed 

We encourage the following courses to be completed prior to the start of your internship: 

  • CG 0525 Congregational Care and Formation 
  • PR 0510 Foundations of Biblical Preaching 
  • WO 0515 Public Worship: Leadership in Word and Sacrament, Prayer and Thanksgiving
  • Completion of (CPE) Clinical Pastoral Education