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Plenary at Mid-Winter Convocation

Mid-Winter Convocation

Mid-Winter Convocation 2018

Faith and Science

Jan. 24-26, 2018
Luther Seminary

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  • Andrew Root, Associate Professor and Carrie Olson Baalson Chair of Youth and Family Ministry, Luther Seminary
    Taking Einstein to Youth Ministry: Faith, Science, and the Faith Formation of Young People"
  • Lea Schweitz, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology/Religion and Science, Director of the Zygon Center for Religion and Science, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
    "Creation Catechesis and Reading the Book of Nature"
  • Grace Wolf-Chase, Associate, The Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, The University of Chicago
    "The Interactive Universe: It’s All About Relationships"
    'Interactive Cosmos' PowerPoint
  • Ron Choong, Ph.D., Academy for Christian Thought
    "Religious Encounters Along Chinese and Silk Roads -- Reflections on the Spiritual and Inter-Religious Issues in Christian Missions" (2018 Andrew S. Burgess Lecture in Global Mission)
  • Alan Padgett, Professor of Systematic Theology, Luther Seminary
    "Is Religion Dangerous or Just Plain Stupid? On Atheism Dressed-up as Science"
    'Is Religion Dangerous or Just Plain Stupid' PowerPoint
    [In his talk, Dr. Padgett referenced a book by Katherine Dell titled, "Who Needs the Old Testament?: Its Enduring Appeal and Why the New Atheists Don't Get It."]