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Plenary at Mid-Winter Convocation

Mid-Winter Convocation


When God’s Promises Meet People: Conflict in the Church

Matthew Skinner and Hollie Holt-Woehl

This session will explore what it means to work pastorally and publicly with congregations who are faithfully working in the contexts of conflict in a society that seems addicted to divisiveness. Through reflections on the early church we invite a conversation around God's promises and how they are at work in conflict and disagreement.

Now You See It: Table Talk in the Digital Age

Mary Hess and Keith Anderson

Martin Luther gathered people around a table for free flowing conversation about faith and life. How does that happen today in our churches, our communities and in digital spaces? What are the promises and what are the contradictions? Whose stories are we hearing, when do we speak, how do we listen?

Confusion, Distancing or Fusing: Table Talk to form Christian Communities Today

Patrick Keifert and Greg Van Dunk

Today’s church finds itself engaging wild cultural diversity. In such a setting, how can the church exist and what is our Lutheran contribution? When confusion seems to be the constant reality, healthy organizations and churches can create fusion or distancing. Keifert and VanDunk will explore how Christ is illuminated in the midst of confusion and how we benefit when critical thinking enables us to articulate Lutheran identity in a pluralistic world.

Why Christian? And why Lutheran?

Lois Malcolm and Scott Richards

Beyond the wailing and gnashing of teeth that seems to permeate the current discussion about the church in modern American society, we will talk about how Lutheran theology needs to have its own “coming out” story. Using our own stories of how the Gospel found us at the margins, and through conversation with scripture, we hope to inspire leaders to consider that Lutherans are uniquely positioned to once again lead a new and potent re-formation of the faith.