CYF Certificate Program

Those interested in any of the graduate certificates should contact the Office of Admissions.

The certificate program in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry is designed for people who desire a basic grounding in children's and youth and family ministry. A student may concentrate in Children, Youth, Family Ministry or choose a combination of courses in these areas.

CORE COURSES (total required: 4 courses)

Bible (2 courses)



1.0 course

NT1210 through NT1213

Synoptic Gospels (core elective)

1.0 course

History of Christianity (1 course)


Christian History from the New Testament to the Present

1.0 course




Systematic Theology (1 course)


An Overview of Christian Teachings

1.0 course

CONCENTRATION COURSES (total required: 4 courses)

Choose any four courses (combining either full or half courses) listed as M.A. concentration courses in Children, Youth and Family.