CYF Online Seminar Instructions

The Center for Children Youth and Family Ministry is delighted to offer online seminars on Exemplary Youth Ministry. These instructions will help you get set up and get connected to your seminar.

Seminar Handouts Online

Download Seminar handout for Exemplary Youth Ministry
Download Three Spheres Handout

What Do I Need?

A broadband (cable or DSL) connection is required to receive the audio and video broadcast for this course. A dialup connection will be too slow.

A web browser will connect you to the audio/video broadcast and allow you to submit text questions during the course.

  • Firefox (recommended for Windows and Mac)
  • Internet Explorer

The Luther Seminary Server Certificate enables you to have a secure connection to our servers. Installing this certificate lets your computer "trust" our server for secure web communication.

Connecting to Your Course

The video and chat connection web address will be e-mailed to you shortly before the course starts. You can test your setup with this sample video stream:

We will be connecting by conference call for the audio connection. You will receive the phone and conference numbers by email as well.