Children, Youth and Family FAQs

Can I be full time DL student?

It is not designed as a full time program. It is designed for people who are working in part to full time ministry. The program also encourages vocational growth over time. Students are encouraged to plan on 3.5 to 4 years to complete the program.8/11/2008 top

Do I have to be in a cohort?

Whether a DL or a Residential student, our cohort groups are critical for discipleship and the integration of theology and practical leadership.8/11/2008 top

Do I have to take Greek & Hebrew?

There are Greek & Hebrew Language requirements for the MDIV CYF only. There are no language requirements for the CYF MA.8/11/2008 top

How do I get started?

If you have decided to start your graduate studies at Luther Seminary, begin by applying online to begin the application process. Make sure you articulate that you are seeking either the MA concentration in CYF or the MDIV concentration in CYF. Also, state if you will be a Residential student or a Distributed Learner. Application deadlines are as follows:

To begin Fall Term: July 1st
To begin Spring Term: December 1st
To begin January Term: November 1st
To begin Summer Term: April 1st8/11/2008 top

How do I qualify for financial aid?

Luther students must take a minimum of 5 courses per year to qualify for student loans. Learn more about financial aid8/11/2008 top

How do the costs of the residential and DL programs compare?

The tuition is the same for DL or residential classes. DL students also need to pay for travel and housing costs for intensives. You'll find that overnighting at Stub Hall is a very economical possibility.8/11/2008 top

How long does it take for full time residential students to finish the degree?

Full time residential MA students are able to complete the degree in two years. Residential MDiv students incorporate their CYF concentration into their four year program.8/11/2008 top

Is it better to be Residential or DL?

Our two modes are designed to be equal paths. We encourage our students to choose the program that best meets their life needs and learning goals.8/11/2008 top

What if I'm not currently working in Children, Youth and Family Ministry?

The CYF staff will assist you in finding a ministry site.8/11/2008 top

What will this degree program do for me?

Luther's MA CYF grads are not only better prepared biblically and theologically, but also are able to provide excellent leadership in ministry.