Generation to Generation Scholarship

Invitation to Honor Dr. Rollie Martinson on his retirement from Luther Seminary!

To the Children, Youth & Family Community, Students, Alumni, and Friends!

We have a remarkable opportunity! Upon the retirement of Dr. Rollie Martinson, we are creating a scholarship fund for a students studying in the field of Children, Youth, & Family. We can’t think of a better way to honor Rollie’s work than to keep it moving into the next generation.

Dr. Rollie Martinson is a rare combination of academic, pastor, professor, leader, fundraiser, administrator, visionary, as well as husband, father, grandfather, friend, mentor and elder. By “gifting” future leaders in the CYF field you will build on Rollie’s “Best Practices”:

  • To see a future and work towards that preferred future!
  • To cultivate and inspire new talent and leaders!
  • To engage the connection from one generation to the next!
  • To generate the opportunity for learning the discipline and rigor of intellectual curiosity in this ever changing field!

Instructions for giving

Make a Gift via Credit Card

Credit card instructions:

  1. Fill in your contact information
  2. In the designation section, choose "Other designation" from the drop down menu. Then fill in the blank field below the drop down menu with “Generation to Generation" Scholarship.
  3. In the memorial or honorarium section, choose "Gift in honor of" and fill in Rollie's name.
  4. Fill out the credit card information.

Sending checks:

  1. Write out the check to "Luther Seminary."
  2. In the memo line, write “Generation to Generation Scholarship" or Rollie Martinson.
  3. Send checks directly to:
      Luther Seminary
    Office of Seminary Relations
    2481 Como Ave.
    St. Paul, MN 55108