For Students

Students are the primary reason there is food service here at the Seminary: you are the driving force behind our cafeteria, which offers three meals every weekday (except dinner on Friday). Our three-week rotating menu is designed seasonally by our chef to keep the focus on fresh, healthy food and make sure you do not get bored seeing the same offerings over and over

We offer a fresh, convenient, and social option for your meals, at a good value.  With the Luther Bucks program (see below), you get an even better value.

At each new menu cycle, we accept suggestions for new menu items, and always request your constructive feedback. Always feel free to contact us at

Luther Bucks

The Luther Bucks Program allows students to use their ID card as a prepaid debit card.  Luther Bucks are pre-purchased with cash, check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).  You may add Luther Bucks to your ID card either in the Business Office or at any of the Dining Services registers.

After adding money to your ID card, it can be used in both the cafeteria and the coffee shop.  Every time you use your ID card for a purchase, you receive a 5% discount off the total purchase price!



* At the end of each semester, Luther Bucks balances carry forward to the next semester. If you graduate, transfer, or withdraw from Luther Seminary, you will forfeit any remaining dollars on your card. Be sure to use all your Luther Bucks.

* Dining account deposits can be made at the business office, cafeteria, or coffee shop. Visa, Mastercard, cash or check are welcomed.

* Please allow 24 hours for deposits to show up on your account.