Committee For Diversity

The Luther Seminary Standing Committee for Diversity was created by our strategic plan. It meets regularly to accomplish the following five goals:

  • Build an organizational structure to carry out diversity work in the community.

  • Create a framework for an integrated plan/strategy for diversity for Luther Seminary

  • Keep the momentum going that has been created.

  • Put the resources in place to execute our plan.

  • Clarify our vision, goals, and our branding vis-à-vis diversity throughout the year.

Areas of responsibility and interest

  1. Lilly Recruitment Project and Branding Exercise

  2. Hiring for Faculty and Staff

  3. Faculty Conversation on Diversity

  4. Race, Church and Change Award

  5. Audits and Inventories

    • Lilly Audit
    • Cultural Competency Audit (IDI)
  6. Hospitality/Anti-Racism Workshops

  7. Spectrum/Wallace Scholarship

  8. Vision, Cultural Competence for the whole campus

Race, Church and Change Award

The Race, Church & Change award recognizes individuals who have significantly impacted society through multicultural ministry, race relations and reconciliation.

Luther Seminary annually presents the award to individuals who have heroically served in their community with the hope that such recognition will inspire others to similar ministry to improve the world around them.


Explore a variety of resources available to the church for education on racism: