E-lert - September 2014

Our global work

September marks a time of both new and renewed journeys of learning. We welcomed a group of 120 new students. Some of them will be in residence and others will be on campus for brief periods of time in our distributed learning program.

Internship experience affirms student’s call to ministry

After her year-long internship at a small, vibrant congregation in the north woods of Minnesota, Karen Telyea is excited to return to the classroom for her final year at Luther Seminary.

Register today! 2014 Celebration of Biblical Preaching

Each week, preachers have the opportunity to immerse their hearers in the divine drama of God's activity to save the world God loves so much. It is a story of peril and beauty and courage and grace.

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Luther Seminary invites you to use this year's Advent devotional, "Your People Long to Greet You," for personal or congregational use this coming season.