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April 2010

Learn about Leading from the Heart in your ministry

Christian leaders encounter conflict, criticism, and diverse beliefs and practices every day. Workshop leaders Theresa Latini, assistant professor of congregational and community care, Luther Seminary; and Deborah Hunsinger, Charlotte W. Newcombe professor of pastoral theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, ask: How can we keep our hearts open and stay in relationship with those who are different from us? How can we communicate compassionately and clearly without sacrificing our own integrity?

This intensive workshop, which will be held at Luther Seminary June 20-25, will teach you the skills and consciousness of compassionate communication (also called nonviolent communication) as a means of connecting to God, self and others in the midst of interpersonal impasses of all sorts.

Through a five-day immersion in a community of Christian leaders, you will learn how to:

  • Develop compassion for yourself and others
  • Express yourself so that you will be heard more fully and teach others to do the same
  • Transform criticism into opportunities for mutual understanding
  • Stay in dialogue in the midst of difference and disagreement
  • Achieve deeper self-connection, inner peace and self-care
  • Heal pain from unresolved conflict, guilt and shame
  • Build authentic community based on honest expression and empathic listening

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