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April 2010

Jerry Williams makes a sound impact on future church leaders

You can't see the mark Jerry Williams has left on his congregations, but you can certainly hear it. A few months after his arrival at Bethel Lutheran in Northfield, Minn., in May 2007, he revamped the outdated audio system. His updates included a four-camera video system and getting Bethel services broadcast on public television.

"I don't want anyone to miss out on their salvation because they can't hear the preacher," says Williams.

In his two-and-a-half years at Bethel and 20 years at his former congregation, Jerry has trained more than 30 students on church audio and video equipment. While acquiring these skills, they also learn the liturgy and other life lessons from Jerry. Future generations are Williams' motivation for giving to Luther Seminary. "I have been blessed with some wonderful pastors, but they will be gone. We need to replace them."

Charitable gift annuities allow Williams to ensure that the future leadership of the church will be strong while sustaining his own financial health. He and his first wife also established a $100,000 scholarship to support students in the Children, Youth and Family program.

"We need to start with children and families," he says.

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