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April 2010

Discover your Dependable Strengths™ ... with KAIROS!

Are people in your congregation asking the big questions, like "How do I know what I was created to be?" "Where are the places that I can make a difference in the world?" "Where can I experience a sense of belonging?"

Discover Your Call workshops use the Dependable Strengths™ process to invite people to reflect on positive experiences from their lives, to tell their stories and to discern together what God is calling them to be. Unlike most gifts-identification processes, Discover Your Call helps people see how God calls them to ministry in their homes, communities and workplaces, as well as in their congregations.

In this Train-the-Trainer course, you will learn how to lead Discover Your Call workshops in your own congregation. Combining brief lectures, individual exercises and small-group experiences, the course unfolds in two parts. In part one, you will participate in the workshop and learn to identify your unique pattern of dependable strengths and reflect on your own calling in daily life. In part two, you will learn how to plan for and teach Discover Your Call workshops for groups in your congregation. Come and learn more about yourself and how to teach others to identify their core abilities, talents, and skills: their dependable strengths!

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