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February 2012

Make your dollars count twice during the Seminarian Scholarship Challenge

Answering the call to ministry is a lifetime commitment to being a servant leader for God's global community. For Master of Divinity student Peter Weston Miller, answering that call came naturally. "Everything I was doing was invested in the church," he says.

"I was having one-on-one dialogues over coffee and organizing fundraisers and concerts promoting justice and the eradication of poverty," Miller says. "Even before entering seminary, I was already preaching, coaching and teaching in the church. It was clear that this is where I am meant to be."

For students like Miller, answering the call to seminary also comes with a financial reality. The cost of attending Luther Seminary can be up to $36,000 a year. And as the cost of seminary education rises, so does the level of student debt. Last year, 68 percent of all graduates had student loan debt. For graduating students who borrow, the average debt (including undergraduate debt) is $51,000. This reality means scholarship support is critical for Luther Seminary students.

Miller, a Presidential Scholarship recipient, says, "Scholarship support provides the resources I need to focus deeply and dwell in my education as a true servant leader. It has made it possible for me to devote many hours to the study of the Scripture. It allows me the time to prepare myself for community building and the global mission of the church."

Join the Seminarian Scholarship Challenge

In response to this need, four generous families have launched the Seminarian Scholarship Challenge. Join Lois Gernbacher, Fred Fox, Bruce and Kathy Bummer, and Kaye and Terry Myhre in making a difference in the life and study of a future servant leader.

Every dollar given to the Seminarian Scholarship Challenge will be matched, up to $200,000, through June 30. Double your impact! Make a gift today! nbsp;

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